360FlyWe showed you a 360 panoramic camera before, but that was still shots. The 360Fly camera shoots video, which will likely be the final step to achieving virtual reality movies. 360Fly is not only waterproof up to five metres; it also only weighs 120 grams allowing you the freedom to film virtually anywhere (excluding water five and a half metres or deeper). The company is partnering with Voxx to produce a wide array of cameras with different specs and varying prices. Imagine strapping on an Oculus Rift and seeing what the skier sees as he barrels down the hill. Except you don’t see what he sees, you see more. You see everything; the snowy caps behind you, the cute ski-bunny that checks you out as you hit the jump, or maybe just take in the scenery without the fear of crashing into a tree and breaking your leg. There are a lot of exciting applications for this camera and only half of them involve pornography. Price is TBA, but the product should be available this summer. 360fly.com



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