Aëdle VK-1 Valkyrie Headphones 01 (Custom)

The Aëdle VK-1 Valkyrie may just be the sexiest pair of headphones out there, offering elegance and style like no other.  Sculpted out of a virgin aluminum ingot using CNC machinery handsewn with genuine lambskin leather, the VK-1 is engineered and handmade in France.  But its gorgeous looks are only a part of the appeal.  The VK-1 offers state of the art audio engineering with custom developed Aëdle titanium-neodymium high-performance transducers at its core.  The VK-1 will play your music with enviable liquidity and realism, while their luxuriously soft earcups will pamper your ears.  We invite you to read a full review of the VK-1 over at the CANADA HiFi magazine.  $499.  www.aedle.net



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