Jarre Technologies AeroBull Wireless Speaker (Custom)


Everyone loves music, but not everyone wants their speakers to look like, well… speakers.  This French manufacturer offers some very out-of-the-ordinary speaker designs ranging from a skull to something you would find on the set of a sci-fi film, and of course this bulldog speaker called the AeroBull.  The AeroBull sports two 2.25″ high/mid drivers along with a 5.25 bass driver, and a 100 watt amplifier.  It has a docking port with Apple’s Lightning connect on the head, which you’d probably only use to recharge your iPhone since the system offers wireless Bluetooth playback.  A 3.5 mm line-in audio input is also on-board for old school devices.  Comes with a sweet dog bone-shaped remote.  Available in 5 different colors.  The sunglasses make it look awesomely badass!  € 999.  www.jarre.com



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