Get ready to feast your eyes upon the future of television!  LG Electronics began taking pre-orders for its razor-thin 55-inch OLED TV (model 55EM9700) in South Korea for the equivalent of $10,000 US.  The new set will begin shipping in February.  Availability and pricing for other markets will be announced in the next several weeks.  With a hard-to-believe depth of just 4 millimeters (0.16 inches) this TV is truly super thin, and weighs in at a feather-light 10 kilograms (22 pounds).  But the best news for movie buffs is this TV’s jaw-dropping picture which far surpasses the quality of any plasma or LCD/LED TVs.  LG’s proprietary Four-Color Pixel system features a white sub-pixel, which works together with the conventional red, blue, green pixels to create the perfect color output. The 55-inch OLED TV also offers an infinite contrast ratio, which maintains optimal contrast levels regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle.



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