MartinLogan Crescendo Speaker System (Custom)


MartinLogan, the manufacturer famous worldwide for its Electrostatic speakers, is now allowing music fans to unleash the music stored on their smart phones, tablets and computers on a brand new premium wireless speaker system, the company’s first wireless Bluetooth and AirPlay system.  Aside from its exquisite design and top-notch construction, the Crescendo plays music with accuracy, resolution and detail – like all MartinLogan speakers, and unlike other wireless speakers out there.  Hidden inside the gorgeous cabinet are dual Folded Motion tweeters and a 5″x7″ mid-bass woofer.  At its core lies a powerful class-D closed-loop 100-watt (140-watt peak) amplifier, while the audio processing is handled by an advanced 24-bit 48kHz DSP (digital signal processing) based preamplifier.  Although the Crescendo delivers a deep, accurate bass response, those who desire more bass can hook up an external subwoofer via a dedicated subwoofer jack.  Rock on!  $899.



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