Microsoft held a special pre-E3 press conference today to finally unveil the new XBOX ONE. The system looks nice; a simple, but large rectangle. The new dashboard is similar to the Windows 8 layout. But it’s the power that we want to know about. 8GB of ram allow three operating systems to run simultaneously and the packed-in Kinect responds to voice commands to make it easy for you to switch from your game to live TV or any of the other apps in less than a second. There are a lot of new gesture controls making multi-tasking multiple apps seamless and easy. XBOX Live is going to be ridiculous. If you thought eight on eight Halo matches were intense, you’ll piss your pants when see how many users are playing alongside you this Christmas. Then there are the games. EA showed off all the new sports games: NFL, NBA, UFC, etc. Forza Motorsport 5 and the new Call of Duty look great, but it was the game Quantum Break that really caught my eye. It seems to blend live action cut scenes with game play focusing on the control of time. Finally, the biggest news may be the fact that Steven Speilberg is producing a Halo television series. I mean, come on Microsoft, just take my money already! More news via



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