A few months back we featured the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset poised to change the way we experience our favourite games, movies and TV shows by truly immersing the wearer in the experience. Well it seems that this holiday season, Sony will be releasing its own headset that just might make the Rift obsolete. Touting extremely high quality audio and video, the HMZ-T3W will feature two OLED screens capable of 720p video which will be like looking at a 750 inch screen from twenty meters away. The onboard headphones will give you a crisp 7.1 channel surround sound. While both systems are capable of 3D, Oculus has revealed plans for a 1080p HD. The Rift’s head-tracking motion controls and double the field of view may give it the edge for more immersive gaming, but what the HMZ-T3W lacks in field of view, it makes up for with the ability to look down and see your mouse and keyboard. Sony’s machine is also more compatible with all of your devices meaning you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 and literally everything else instead of just a handful of titles. No price point yet, but expect to pay a hefty sum. For all the details check out sony.eu



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