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If you haven’t guessed it by now, we really like virtual reality. Sony unveiled their prototype for a virtually reality headset at GDC this week. You may be thinking, “Didn’t they already make one?” No, the Sony Head-Mounted Display, which we covered a few months back, was more like having a giant screen in front of you; where Project Morpheus is a true competitor for the Oculus Rift. Industry impressions suggest the Rift DK2 has the edge when it comes to image quality and motion blur. That said, Sony’s VR headset is only a prototype and will likely see a great level of improvement as it gets closer to launch. Sony is a powerhouse and they are fully able to throw a lot more resources at the project. Morpheus also has Sony’s new 3D audio tech going for it; capable of producing omni-directional sound based on how you tilt and turn your head. A big downfall, and why we still think Rift is the way to go, Sony’s headset might only be compatible with the PS4 (at least at first), where Oculus is receiving a lot of support from Steam. Still too soon to tell and it will probably be a few years before all the motion sickness kinks are worked out on both sides of the ring. If Tropic Thunder has taught me anything, it’s that it will all come down to the support of the porn industry (that and never go full…well, you’ve seen the movie). No price point yet on the Morpheus, but it will likely have to compete with the Rift’s cost of $350. playstation.com / oculusvr.com



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