We all like to rock out on the go but when the music is playing, you can’t hear all the dangerous things around. This includes things like oncoming traffic, crack-heads, clumsy assassins and of course, the screams of onlookers when an eighty pound pane of glass falls from the 30th floor of a skyscraper. Sound Band is a cool new Kickstarter campaign that will keep your ears free while listening to music. How you ask? The Sound Band wraps around the back of your ears, and using surface sound; conducts sound through the tissue and bone in your head. No one else can hear it and you get crisp, clean audio. The only downside, you won’t be able to pretend you don’t hear the city’s homeless asking for help, as you walk past them. To get your own Sound Band in onyx, jasper or sterling, pledge $125 or more at Kickstarter.com.



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