Zombies are big lately. With Brad Pitt’s new World War Z in theaters and the Walking Dead on AMC, it seems as though we just can’t get enough of those lovable undead miscreants. Undead Labs’ open world survival game shows players what surviving the zombie apocalypse is really about… not dying. Yes you must set up a base camp, collect supplies from abandoned houses, level up your characters with specialties and of course kill zombies; but if you get overwhelmed by a hoard and they kill you then that character is dead (forever). You’ll be forced to play as another randomly generated character. State of Decay is an XBOX Live Arcade game; the graphics aren’t mind-blowing and the story is less than important, but the game play is incredibly fun. You grow to care about your characters and it gets pretty terrifying when you have no stamina and fifteen zombies on your ass. It’s no surprise SOD is the highest selling XBOX Live game ever. A definite buy if you have an XBOX 360. If you don’t, it’ll be on PC soon enough. 1600 Microsoft points ($20). undeadlabs.com



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