Guys love shopping for stuff just as much as girls do, whether we like to admit it or not. And we all know that walking off the street into a store won’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up with the right stuff. Let the Guydster Buyer Guides put some fun into your shopping experience and assist you with some quick research before buying your new gear. Before long this section will be filled with Buyer Guides that range from tools to rides to audio&video products and everything in between. Yes right now there’s only one guide here… but hey you’ve got to start somewhere!

- Guydster Team

Audio Guide – Best Outdoor / Portable Speakers

Tool Guide – Best Cordless Drills / Drivers

Tool Guide – Best Screwdriver Sets For Any Budget

Audio Guide: Best Headphones / Earphones

Drink Guide: Best Rums Under $50

Home Audio Guide – Best Speakers Under $1,000

Tool Guide: 5 Essential Power Tools