LG Unveils G Flex Curved Screen Smartphone

LG_G_Flex-3_verge_super_wideThis week LG revealed the company’s new curved smart phone, the “G Flex”. While made from a 6 inch OLED bendable screen, the phone itself doesn’t bend. Instead, the screen is fixed with a curve aligning vertically; which is said to contour better to your face. The curved screen isn’t all the G Flex has going for it, the smart phone runs Jellybean 4.2.2 on a 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. A strange feature of G Flex is the ability to self-heal small scratches on the backing. Obviously, we can only conclude that there is some sort of witchcraft involved. No price approximation yet, but the phones will be available next month in Korea and TBD for a North American launch. More news via: mobilesyrup.com

Airo Health Wristband Monitoring Device


Airo Health Wristband Monitoring Device

Monitoring of health is about to be changed forever thanks to devices like the AIRO.  This out-of-a-sci-fi film health monitoring device is housed in sleek wristband and automatically monitors things like caloric consumption, stress patterns, daily exertion and sleep quality.  It then coaches you how to lead a healthier lifestyle and become more proactive about your health.  How does it work?  The AIRO utilizes heart rate variability (HRV) to monitor micro-fluctuations in stress throughout the day.  It measures your exercise level by monitoring daily exertion through heart rate and caloric burn.  Finally sleep is monitored by looking at the autonomic nervous system to notice distinct sleep cycles. Pre-order now for $149; ships in Fall 2014.  www.getairo.com

Win a Belkin Lego Builder iPhone Case!


Why settle for an ordinary phone case if you can build your own? We know that you love stuff that no one else has, that’s why you read Guydster! In addition to great iPhone 5/5s phone protection, the Belkin Lego Builder case offers a Lego base plate which you can customize with your favorite Lego bricks. And now Guydster is giving away a Lego Builder case to one lucky reader so that you can give it your best creative shot and design that Space Invaders themed case you’ve always dreamed of. Just do yourself a favor and don’t stack the bricks too high or the phone won’t fit into your jeans pocket. To qualify for this contest, simply ‘Like’ the Guydster Facebook page and tell us what design you would create on the case. Best design idea wins! www.facebook.com/guydster

I90 Heads-up Tablet and Smartphone Glasses


You should be able to recognize the benefits of this product as you are probably bending your neck in an uncomfortable position to you read this on your tablet or smartphone. The i90 Glasses are a new Kickstarter campaign by Matt Franklin; seeking to give us all relief from that constant crick in our necks from looking down to play Angry Birds, watching movies and texting. The glasses work on a pretty simple idea, using a glass prism to bend your field of view down ninety degrees. So continue to suffer through the pain hunching over the rest of your life or pledge $75 or more to get your pair. Kickstarter.com

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 Crank Power Charger

Does your smart phone always seem to run out of juice at the worst time?  Like when you’re in the middle of nowhere following Google maps to a friend’s cottage.  Well, the Eton BoostTurbine 4000 is here to help.  This device combines a rechargeable 4000mAh lithium battery with a hand turbine power generator that will give you emergency power for your smart phone or tablet, anywhere you might find yourself.  It offers both a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smart phone chargers and a high output (2.1A) USB port for charging mobile devices.  Turning the crank for one minute will give you enough power for a four minute phone call and a few texts.  $80.  www.etoncorp.com

Bonex Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher


It may be blue, but it’s the bomb. The Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher by Bonex is something you might expect find on Batman’s utility belt.  But now you can also find it on non-fictional characters, like yourself.  It’s basically a grenade that will put out early stage fires in enclosed spaces. The casing is an extremely fragile plastic, filled with ammonium phosphate dibasic and ammonium bicarbonate; that will break from even the weakest of throws and extinguish the surrounding flames. The grenade is completely safe to the user and anyone nearby, but if you are dealing with an oil fire or a burning building, running will probably be your safest option. The grenade lasts for five years, so it might be a pretty expensive precaution (especially with international shipping). $62 a piece plus shipping. japantrendshop.com

Nikon 1 AW1 Camera


The thing about extreme sports is you probably won’t risk the safety of your outrageously expensive camera to get those amazing shots. It’s also why there aren’t any high quality photos taken at keggers. Whether you’re an adventurous photographer or a sloppy drunk that prefers high quality drunk shots, you definitely need the new 1 AW1 from Nikon. This is the world’s first interchangeable lens camera that is shock, water and freeze proof. Nikon has also released two new lenses as tough as the camera. There’s the 1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 with a 2.5 times zoom range and the 1 NIKKOR AW 10mm f/2.8 for those wide angle shots. The camera itself takes 14.2 megapixel photos, shoots 1080p video; simultaneously if needed and you can shoot slow motion video at either 400 or 1200fps for those epic spills off the white water raft or the bar stool. The camera with both lenses will be available in October for around $1,000. nikon.com

Instabeat Head-mounted Display For Swimming


If you swim competitively or even just for exercise, then keep reading. If you don’t swim, you should start and also keep reading. Swimming is a great full body workout and it won’t destroy your joints like jogging will, but different intensities in the water will lead to different benefits. Instabeat is a head mounted display that fits on any swimming goggles and reads your heart rate as you swim. Since maintaining different heart rates during a workout achieve different results, Instabeat will inform you which zone you are in, in real time, with a color coded system of blinking lights. Blue is for fat-burning, green is for improving fitness/stamina and red is for increasing your maximum performance. The unit also records calories burned, laps swam, and breathing patterns for post workout analysis. Pre-order yours for $149 at instabeat.me

Everki Versa Executive Backpack

The science of bag design is not tragically complicated.  A good quality bag should use durable materials, be comfortable to wear, offer useful compartments and look cool.  Yet sadly, so many bags fail in one or more of these areas.  But Everki isn’t one of those brands.  This backpack, from the company’s Versa range, is built for business and style, so that you’ll feel equally comfortable with it in the boardroom and during your commute.  Two leather handles let you carry it like a briefcase when wearing it as a backpack is inappropriate.  If you like useful compartments, you’re gonna love this bag.  First there are well padded, felt-lined compartments for both a laptop and a tablet.  Then there is the main compartment that offers a file organizer to keep your docs in place and protects their corners from dog-earing.  Inside the main compartment is also a see-through pocket and two Velcro pockets.  Finally the third compartment is outfitted with slots for things like pens and business cards.  The backpack also features easy-access side pockets (with a water bottle loop), a slim magnetic pocket and another small, zippered compartment ideal for stashing passports, tickets, and other items.  And if that wasn’t enough there’s also a built-in shell-protected sunglass/gadget case.  This backpack is comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded, thanks to its ergonomically designed, adjustable shoulder straps, and their dangle-free construction which allows them to tuck in neatly when the bag is carried as a briefcase.  Its shell is constructed out of water-resistant Ballistic nylon.  Just try not to forget which pocket you put your stuff in.  $195. www.everki.com

Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c


Apple’s new iPhone 5s will blow your socks off thanks to its lightning fast A7 chip, the first 64-bit desktop-class architecture to be featured in a smartphone – if you’re into that kind of thing.  While the size of the enclosure and screen have not changed, most of the internals have been significantly upgraded.  The iPhone 5s features an all-new 8 megapixel iSight camera with a larger f/2.2 aperture and a new, larger sensor with 1.5? pixels for better sensitivity and low-light performance, resulting in better pictures. The new phone promises up to two-times faster auto-focus, faster photo capture, automatic image and video stabilization, and better dynamic range. The new True Tone flash variably adjusts color and intensity for over 1,000 combinations, so photos taken with a flash appear more natural. A new FaceTime HD camera allows for better low-light performance.  Finally, the iPhone 5s also introduces Touch ID, an innovative way to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, built into the home button.  Rounding out the package is the new iOS 7, which Apple claims to be the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone.  The brand new iPhone 5c is designed for those with a smaller budget and while it looks the same as the 5s, it has a plastic case, offers a less powerful processor and a scaled down set of features.  $100-$200 (iPhone 5c), $200-$400 (iPhone 5s).  www.apple.com

Capture Camera Clip V2 From Peak Design


For all the photographers out there, you undoubtedly know how clunky your DSLR camera is; especially when you have a lens the size of your forearm. Sure they come with a neck strap but, when you are on the move; the camera is bouncing around and bruising your chest like Marky Mark in Fear. So in comes Peak Designs with a camera clip that will hold your gear in place on your backpack or belt strap. The aluminum clip holds the camera in place similar to a quick release tripod clamp and once it’s locked in, it isn’t going anywhere. Pre-order the Capture V2 for $59.95 or the Capture Pro for $79.95 at peakdesignltd.com

Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum Luggage


If you’re a jetsetter who likes to travel in style, look no further than the new Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum Luggage.  Ranging in various sizes, from a carry-on to a 30 inch travel case, each piece is constructed with a tough aluminum shell with corner guards, custom designed draw-bolt latches and a built-in combination lock.  The four wheel spinner design uses sealed ball bearing which in combination with a multi-stage, textured grip retractable handle make the travel cases very easy to roll around.  The interior of each case is fully lined and features adjustable compression panels, mesh compartments so that you can organize your items easily, and even a removable garment sleeve.  $695+.  www.zerohalliburton.com

ifixit Pro Tech Electronics Repair Tool Kit

Tired of your computer, smartphone and every other piece of electronic equipment you own breaking right after the warranty ends; forcing you to get a new one? With the iFixit Kit you’ll be able to do any and all electronic repairs with the help of the hundreds of free walkthroughs provided online. In this new age of technology it’s going to be an important skill to have. The kit comes with a 54 bit driver set, plastic opening tools, precision tweezer set, metal grabber, anti-static wrist strap, a small suction cup, plastic and metal spudgers (you know, spudgers), and a six inch steel ruler. It may take a bit of reading to figure out how to use all of these tools, but with comprehensive instructions and videos you will be making your own bat-themed gadgets in no time. $69.95. www.ifixit.com

NapAnywhere Travel Pillow


We’re sure most of you are no strangers to the uncomfortable nature of traveling. Taking a three or more hour journey on a cramped plane, train or bus; and being too short or too tall to even find a comfortable sitting position. I usually end up sleeping against the window, straining my neck. But worry not, yet another Kickstarter campaign has come to the rescue, this one from Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar. The NapAnywhere rests on your shoulder, allowing you to comfortably and firmly prop up your head. This is great if you don’t want your neck bent perpendicular to the rest of your spine for hours. Pledge $44 or more at Kickstarter.com.

SolSource Sun-powered Grill


The SolSource Kickstarter project allows you to grill, steam, bake, boil, or fry your favorite meals, using nothing but the power of the sun.  This grill is powerful, durable and easy to use plus you can feel good about yourself because it’s totally emission-free.  You’re tree-hugging friends will be very impressed.  It was originally tested with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau and now it’s about to become a reality with the city folk; the project has already achieved its funding goal.  Granted it’s a little too big to bring along on a camping trip but it’ll certainly easily fit on your backyard patio.  $250.  www.kickstarter.com

Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom Smartphone


The days of compact digital cameras are counted.  We stopped reaching for ours completely when the iPhone 5 came out.  And now, the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom takes the smartphone camera to a whole new level thanks to its 10x optical zoom and 16 mega pixel sensor, which will let you capture detailed far away and close up images in a variety of lighting conditions.  You’ll also appreciate the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) for letting you take sharp pictures even when your hands aren’t steady.  And those of you who are artistically inclined will want to try the Smart Mode pre-sets that’ll let you snap all kinds of artistic shots.  Oh yeah, the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom is also an awesome smartphone driven by Android Jelly Bean 4.2.  Available later this year.  Price: $TBA.  www.samsung.com

Hovding Airbag Bicycle Helmet


Let’s face it, helmets aren’t cool. That’s okay though, that isn’t why they were invented; they were invented to keep your brain inside your head. Luckily for all the safety-second people out there, the Hovding airbag helmet won’t mess up your hair unless you are actually in an accident. Wrapping around your neck like a scarf, the Hovding has sensors that will detect high impacts or falls and inflate the helmet in time to save your life. Now let’s just hope wearing scarves doesn’t stop being cool (oh, wait). $540.  www.hovding.com

The Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella


Ever see that umbrella fight scene from Iron Monkey where Donnie Yen beats the crap out of a bunch of guys with only an umbrella? Well the guys at Real Self-Defense sure did, and they’ve made an umbrella that won’t break, no matter how many people you assault. The umbrella is actually pretty unreal; the demonstration videos show it cutting a watermelon in half, holding someone’s full body weight and unleashing the pain on a heavy bag. A great tool as it’s also a fully functional umbrella that will hold up against rain and wind as well as any high quality umbrella. The downside is that you can only carry this with you on the rainy days; unless you use it as a parasol and walk around saying “Oh my, it’s hot as the dickens today.” No one will suspect a thing. $129.95.  www.real-self-defense.com

Emopulse Smile Smartphone Bracelet


The Emopulse Smile is a new kickass idea that takes the smart watch to a whole new level.  Not only is the Smile a complete smart phone that you wear like a bracelet, it can also monitor your diet, health and stress level.  Thanks to its Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth capabilities this device also aims to replace your wallet and your set of keys.  Since the Smile will know when you’re asleep, it will automatically route any incoming calls directly to your voicemail and won’t let any pesky text messages bother you.  Music fans will be glad to know that this device can stream CD-quality music to any Bluetooth capable sound system.  And if all of this wasn’t enough, the Smile is outfitted with no less than 3 on-board cameras (one that’s able to track your face), which allow you to take pics, shoot video, Skype, and use your finger like a pointer for various tasks.  The Emopulse Smile is truly a device from the future – we courage you to help fund the project on its Indiegogo page.  $300+.  www.emopulse.com

Terminix AllClear Backyard Mosquito Mister


We’re finally getting into that thirty degree summer weather and soon the swarms of mosquitoes and black flies will descend upon us, leaving only the very itchy behind. That’s where the Mosquito Mister comes in. Those bamboo torches don’t do a thing, but a four minute mist from this bad boy will protect an area of 600 meters squared for six hours. There is an audible twelve second countdown and the machine comes with a remote to turn it on from a distance; so it’s safe to say breathing the mist would be bad (also the fact that it is bug poison). This is great for hosting parties in the yard or at the cottage. Now if only they could make one that repels bears. $199.www.allclearmister.com