The Agent Smartwatch


Let’s face it – reaching for the phone in your pocket to perform a simple task like checking the weather can be pretty cumbersome, especially while biking or driving.  It’s even worse if you’re a hipster wearing a tight pair of pants.  The Agent Smartwatch offers two-way communication with your smartphone via Bluetooth, runs downloadable watch apps, and can be recharged wirelessly using Qi technology.  The watch apps allow you to perform tasks like receiving texts, display who’s calling you, selecting music, checking the weather, display info from a pedometer/heart rate monitor while out on a jog, and even open your front door (by connecting with one of the new Bluetooth Low Energy locks).  Oh yeah, let’s not forget that it can also display the time/date via its customizable watch face.  $149.

Scanadu Scout Medical Tricorder

The Scanadu Scout Medical Tricorder is a device nearly straight out of the pages of Star Trek.  This device is packed with sensors capable of conducting sophisticated physical exams.  Just bring the Tricorder in direct contact with your left temple for 10 seconds and it will analyze your vitals including the temperature, heart rate, oximetry, ECG, respiratory rate, blood pressure, urine analysis and emotional stress level.  The results of this analysis will be recorded and shown to you via a smartphone app.  This Indiegogo project has already achieved nearly 500% of its $100,000 goal and hence is on the verge of becoming a reality.  Estimated delivery date is March 2014.  $199.

Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts


Remember being a kid in the summer? Not having to worry about cell phones and wallets and pushing your friend into the pool was funny, as opposed to, completely devastating. Sometimes it sucks having an 800 dollar machine on your person at all times. This is where the new Kickstarter campaign from Stash Incorporated comes in. Currently available in khaki or olive colour, Stash Shorts will protect all your valuables inside a plastic lined pocket. The pocket is sealed with a circular cap that hangs from a lanyard. Seems like the perfect solution to leaving your stuff unattended and getting stolen at the beach; but I think I’ll let someone else try it before I risk my iPhone. Minimum pledge of $69.

iFlask Flask


There are times when it’s okay to chug your favorite liquor straight from the bottle.  But there are also times when you wanna be a little more discrete.  The iFlask looks like a totally innocent iPhone and holds 5 ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage.  It offers a durable construction combining a polycarbonate and a stainless steel frame.  Comes supplied with a collapsible funnel that makes it easy to fill.  $25.  Also available as part of the Ultimate iFlask Kit which comes with a collapsible metal shot glass keychain.  $35.  The iFlask is guaranteed to enhance every boring future function you’ll have to attend.

The iPad Commode Caddy


I thought two things when I saw this: no one will ask to play with my iPad anymore and I’ll need to invest in some electronic safe disinfectant. This is especially great for those of you that eat a lot of red meat and could probably watch an entire episode of Community while doing your business. If you are sitting on the toilet through an entire episode of Mad Men, you might want to go see your doctor. The ten inch adjustable neck will allow you to find that perfect viewing angle and the Caddy can hold your iPad in portrait or landscape mode. It fits the iPad 2 and newer, so you original iPad owners are shit out of luck (bah-dum-tish). $99.95.

Mangroomer Professional DIY Electric Back Shaver


Has anyone ever tried to hunt you for your pelt? Perhaps you’ve been mistaken for Chewbacca at the beach. Fret not my friend; you don’t have to relate to Robin Williams anymore thanks to the folks over at Mangroomer. The Professional DIY Electric Back Shaver has a 135 degree range of motion, allowing you to reach all of those hard to reach places. It is ten dollars more than the standard version, but the professional model has a rechargeable battery. And the shaver folds into itself making it compact and easy to transport. $49.95.

Primal Gear Compact Folding Survival Bow


Whether you want to get into bow hunting or become a green hooded vigilante, you’ll need a solid bow. With the ability to fold to 59” from just 23”, this bow was made with transportation in mind and it only takes seconds to extend and string it. Primal Gear didn’t make no slouch when it comes to quality either. At full draw, the Folding Bow has 55 pounds of power, firing arrows at up to 181 feet per second (in case you are wondering; that’s fast). Not having to carry around a big clunky bow will come in handy when you’re leaping from rooftop to rooftop; or you know, walking through a forest. $129.



If you’ve ever fallen on your butt waddling to the washroom during half time of a soccer match, you might want to prevent such slip ups with Cleat Skins (if you haven’t already suffered hip dysplasia). While they work wonders on the field, cleats don’t go well with hard flat surfaces. By sliding these rubber soles under your cleats, you will gain some much needed traction and won’t scratch up the floor either. What draws me to this product is my laziness, because who wants to carry around a change of shoes? We need our hands free for the ladies…or ice cream. $18.79-$29.95.

Powerocks Tarot Power Bank


Imagine following the GPS on your phone to an important meeting, or a night out with a new date, only for your battery to run out half way there.  The Tarot Power Bank is designed to provide an emergency charge for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, for times just like these.  Its compact size allows it to fit in a wallet, pocket, or small purse.  Its 1500mAh battery will provide you with plenty of power to get you to your destination or to finish a phone conversation.  It works with the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones, all tablets and devices such as Bluetooth headsets, cameras, GPS devices, and more.  To charge your device, just connect the included Micro USB cable from the Tarot to the device, and power on your device immediately.  For iPhone or other devices that don’t use Micro USB, attach the device’s USB adapter to the Tarot’s USB cable to charge.  $35.

Lansky T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit


If your plan for the zombie apocalypse includes anything other than becoming a zombie, you will surely need some supplies. The problem is usually tracking down what you need and dealing with an army surplus store guy (who you know will be a threat post apocalypse). This is where Lansky comes in with the T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit; providing you with nearly everything you’ll need. The kit includes a battle axe, a twenty multi function tool, eight feet of paracord wrapped into a bracelet, a knife, and a water purifying straw among other useful items. Only thing you’re missing is a long range weapon like a sling shot or a gun; but if you are using it in a flood or earthquake, the kit will have you covered. $199.99.

Devotec Fuel Micro Charger


Running out of cell phone battery power sucks but it happens to everyone, even Guydsters.  But now thanks to a tiny charger that fits on your key chain, you can get an extra boost of power.  Appropriately shaped like a jerry can, this micro charger contains a 220 milliAmp hour battery that will give you between 20 and 30 minutes of talk time, allow you to send a bunch of email, or give you a few hours of standby.  It’s perfect for those days when you wake up with a hangover and forget to plug in your phone before hitting the sack the night before.  To recharge it, just plug it into any USB port (using the included micro USB cable).  $20.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case (F5L149)


We love our touchscreen iPads but sometimes we wish they had a regular keyboard; like those times when you need to write a longer document while watching your favourite TV show.  There are plenty of iPad keyboard cases out there already but this one promises to be the slimmest and lightest yet, thanks to a keyboard that is just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 ounces.  Its aluminum alloy and magnet construction allows it to fold flat and out of the way when reading or watching movies.  The keyboard provides a laptop-like typing experience, while the back cover protects your iPad from scratches.  The case’s unique design directs audio from the iPad speakers toward you for improved sound.  Its rechargeable battery offers 160 hours of life and 6 month standby.  Now you can comfortably write your plans for that Kickstarter project you’ve been talking to your friends about for months.  $99-$129.

X-Fire 5-LED Taillight with Laser Lane Marker


Whether you do it for the environment or because you can’t afford a car, it’s dangerous riding a bike on the road, especially on poorly lit streets. The Lane Marker, from X-Fire, uses two parallel lasers to create your own bike lane boundaries. The taillight features five very bright LEDs; they are visible from almost a mile away, so there is really no excuse for drivers running you off the road. However, we recommend wearing some reflective clothing and a helmet as well; there are plenty of terrible drivers out there. $58.99.

Steampunk Typewriter Arm Guard with Bluetooth and Touchpad


This is a cool piece; a functioning wireless keyboard you can wear on your forearm. Individually crafted by the artists at Brute Force Studios, these are beautiful peripherals with a steampunk theme. Featuring a typewriter style keyboard, touchpad and laser pointer, the arm guard can control your media from up to 100 feet away (bank vaults withstanding). Battery has a quick recharge time and enough power to last about 700 hours on standby. Might be a little extravagant for a wireless keyboard, but if you have the spare change it’s a cool addition to your arsenal. $1,262.36.

FireStar Fire Starting Piston


We aren’t all natural born outdoorsmen and if my life depends on the ability to rub two sticks together to make fire; you know we’re doomed. The Fire Star is a handheld piston that makes starting a fire much easier. The piston uses compression to ignite the tinder, similar to the cigarette lighter in cars. A couple pumps are all it takes. Weighing only a couple ounces, this tool is easily added to your utility belt and it will be more effective than matches or a lighter in heavy wind or rain. $69.95.

BattleShots! Drinking Game


Having drinks with your friends is fun and playing a drinking game can raise the fun to a whole new level.  Battle Shots! is a cool twist on the infamous Battleship board game.  Simply fill the shot glasses with your favorite shots, place them on your side of the board and your opponent will try to guess their locations.  When they guess correctly, you drink!  The included guide suggests some other alternate rules which make the game even more fun.  Battle Shots! comes with 16 shot glasses, 2 washable game trays, 2 coated privacy shields and 2 dry erase pens.  Just don’t play this game on school nights.  $25.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher


Let’s call a spade a spade; this is a sling-shot. If you actually have a dog, that’s an even better reason to get one of these. The Hyper Dog ball launcher fires tennis balls up to 200 feet, for those extreme games of fetch. It offers a hands-free ball pick up and it is collapsible for easy storage and transport. Let’s not forget its other possible uses; water balloons or something more devious perhaps. The bow and arrow gets a lot of love in post-apocalyptic, zombie futures, but a slingshot (I mean ball launcher) can use anything for ammo: rocks, grenades, highly trained hamsters. $38.83.

Lawson Blueridge Camping Hammock

Do you like camping, but fear the danger of bear attacks in the night? Well, on the same sentiment of hanging your food out of reach, it might be safer to hang your tent out of reach too. Plus as many scientists would agree, sleeping in a hammock is more comfortable than sleeping on the cold hard ground. The Blueridge Camping Hammock has no-see-um netting to keep out even the smallest sand flies which the netting is named for. It comes with a waterproof nylon cover for when it rains and an O-ring on the ceiling for hanging a light. The tent weighs just over four pounds and has a weight limit of 250 pounds. It’ll get the job done, but if you are planning on getting lucky we’d put it on the ground; you’ll end up there anyway. $139.99.

The North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack


If you’re big into hardcore skiing and snowboarding or just enjoy a simple life among the mountain goats, you’ll want to take the Avalanche Airbag Pack with you on the mountain. What makes this backpack special are the compressed, Nitrogen inflated airbags. Grab the ABS pull cord on the left strap to initiate the airbags and they will help keep you above the snow. With a 95% success rate in real world use, North Face’s pack could save your life. Some may look at the price and opt to use their water-wings instead; but if you’re a better safe than buried in snow kind of a guy, the price is $1,179.

MYO Gesture Control Armband


Admit it – you’ve always wanted to perform a few Jedi tricks… and now you sort-of can!  The MYO armband, equipped with an ARM processor and a lithium ion battery, is capable of instantly measuring the electrical activity in your hand muscles, right down to individual fingers.  It can also precisely sense motion thanks to its 6 axis inertial measurement unit.  It connects with the devices you love, like your computer or tablet, via Bluetooth and lets you do neat things like control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos, and more.  If it could only control your girlfriend…  $149.