Seidio Obex iPhone 5 Waterproof Case & Holster Review


Do you work in a dirty environment or enjoy extreme sports?  Seidio says – go ahead, get as rough and dirty as you want, they’ll help protect your iPhone 5 no matter what!  That’s a great thing because iPhones don’t come cheap.  The Seidio Obex case is constructed from durable materials and has a specially designed structure that will protect your device from drops and shocks.  Its screen guard offers a 4H rated scratch protection, while a water seal and membranes allow sound to travel through but prevent dust and water from reaching the phone.  The spring-lock holster allows you to clip your phone to your belt, if you prefer the dorky look.  Our review sample snapped securely with the iPhone inside it and gave it a tougher look and feel, while adding surprisingly little to the bulkiness and weight – for which we give it high points.  We dropped our phone inside the Obex case into a pot of water, left it there for a few hours and not a single drop of water got in.  While we didn’t actually throw our phone across the room, the case certainly feels very durable and will easily protect the phone from most above-average trauma that phones suffer from.  The Obex case wasn’t completely perfect, but what is?  The screen guard scratched rather easily.  The touch sensitivity through the screen guard also wasn’t quite as perfect as it is without the case, and at times required us to click more than once on the screen to respond.  Over all though, this is a wonderfully functional case which offers a very high level of protection and little bulk and weight to the iPhone 5.  $90.

CRKT Eat’N Tool XL – A Guy’s Tool / Utensil


Guys like things that are practical and this is about as practical as a tool can get – especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like camping.  Unlike a conventional tool, this one has two business ends – the “spork” and the tool end, joined by a long handle.  The “spork” end combines a spoon and a fork for chowing down on your favorite campsite meal.  The other end offers a box wrench, driver/pry tool, can opener and bottle opener.  The carabiner makes it easy to hook on to your pants.  Now all you need to bring along to eat on your next camping trip is a 12-pack of canned soup. $15.

Cigar Stub – The Best Cigar Accessory


Once in a while, at the end of a hard week’s work it’s nice to reward yourself with a glass of scotch and a nice Cuban.  At least that’s how we roll at Guydster.  As a cigar smoker you probably already own a nice lighter and a cigar cutter but the Cigar Stub is capable of raising your cigar experience to a new level.  This elegant cigar accessory allows you to enjoy your cigar for approximately 30 minutes longer, right until the sweet spot.  Its ergonomic shape is designed to give you the same motion and feel as you’re accustomed to.  When not in use, it folds neatly into a compact cylinder that easily slips into your pocket.  Available in various finishes and artistic designs.  $50+.

Taylor Made Ghost Spider S Belly Putter


Too long, we have been tormented by the maniacal laugh of that damn mini-putt clown. No longer! With the Ghost Spider S Belly putter by Taylor Made, you will improve your putting exponentially. The putter allows greater control by anchoring the handle in your belly. The large mallet shape promotes a very forgiving level of stability on mis-hits and the sleek white finish with single white center-line eliminates glare and provides better accuracy when aiming. These style putters are probably going to be made illegal in the PGA this year, but we aren’t professionals and I’ll take any edge I can get. Just you wait clown, my ball is going right in your mouth. $229.99.

LifeSaver 4000 Water Filtration Bottle


In this day and age, if you’re going to go camping you’re going to want to bring water with you, especially if you live near a big city. There is a three eyed fish in the lake; I’m not drinking that. With the LifeSaver 4000 water filtration bottle you can drink water from anywhere. Using a filter with a pore size of 15 nano-meters, this bottle will remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens. It can filter up to 6,000 litres of water and only takes about a minute per use. This is probably one of the best inventions ever and it’s a big leap forward in providing clean drinking water in the third world and in disaster situations. $155.

Baxbo Flask Tie: Drinking at Work Just got Easier


Happy hour can’t come soon enough? Is your nephew’s graduation feeling endless? Church, or whichever religious institution you attend, a little too dry for your liking? Next time you have to suit up, don’t leave this baby behind. The Flask Tie is pretty self explanatory; it’s a tie you can hide your booze in and discretely take sips from throughout the day. The ties contain an eight ounce pouch so we recommend filling it with the harder stuff to keep a solid buzz going through those eight hour days. They come in seven different styles, one for every day of the week. Don’t try to take it through airport security; you might end up with some discomfort after your cavity search. $25.

Titanium Utility Ring – The Guy’s Ultimate Ring?


Many guys pride themselves on being handy and can often MacGyver their way out of sticky situations.  And when you find yourself in a situation, this utility ring can help save your butt.  Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, it has a sleek, clean design and offers five concealed tools including a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade for tougher cuts, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, as well as a mini comb.  Who ever thought a ring could be this useful?  $385.

Frost Boss Beverage Chiller


Chilling a beer in the fridge on that hot summer day can be sooo slow.  Even if you pop it in the freezer, it still takes a good 15 to 20 minutes for it to get cold.  That’s when you need the Frost Boss, which can chill your 12 ounce beverage can in just 2 minutes.  Just pour a glass of cold water into the Frost Boss and hit the on button.  Powered by 3 AA batteries.  News via  $25.

GoPro Hero3 Camera: Black Edition


Suddenly, jumping out of a plane seems like a really good idea. The Hero3: Black Edition from GoPro is an amazing helmet mounted camera capable of capturing 30 pictures in a second and shooting video while simultaneously taking photos, with its 12 mega-pixel lens. It can film full 1080p video at 60 fps and it can even capture the new 4K quality video at up to 15 fps. The camera is waterproof and very durable; perfect for capturing all of the sick tricks you and your friends do on the slopes, behind a boat or trying to ride an ostrich. The possibilities are endless. For the high quality footage and versatility, this is a definite buy. $399.

Fisher Space Pen AG7


It might be a while before you save up enough money to fly to space aboard the Virgin Galactic SpaceshipOne (tix are $200,000 a piece) but here’s something that will give you some instant space traveler gratification.  The AG7 Space Pen from Fisher is the original space pen that was first used on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968 and is still used on all US and Russian manned space flights today.  It is constructed out of solid brass with an extremely hard chrome plating.  The AG7 uses a special replaceable pressurized cartridge which allows it to be used even upside down.  $50.

Illuminated Batman Chess Set


Ever wonder what Bruce Wayne does on a quiet evening when he’s not chasing down villains in Gotham City?  This chess set comes alive with the press of the Batman logo.  50 LEDs light up the clear playing surface as well as the Gotham cityscape below it.  And if that wasn’t cool enough, the Bat signal is also projected into the sky.  The highly detailed playing pieces are made of pewter and diecast metal and include all your favourite characters from the franchise including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin.   Playing chess in the dark has never been this much fun – nor was it actually possible.  $795.  News via

Allure Eyewear: Call of Duty Black Ops II Glasses


Allure Eyewear, is introducing officially licensed Call of Duty: Black Ops II branded gaming glasses, 3D gaming glasses and sunwear.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II Gaming Eyewear incorporates high contrast curved lenses to enhance the graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Designed for extended comfort, the curved lenses cut down distracting peripheral light, helping to improve focus and attention to game detail, while the anti-glare coating reduces reflections and improves screen view.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II 3D Gaming Eyewear, is compatible with those playing in 3D on passive 3D TVs, laptops and monitors. The curved lenses in Allure’s new 3D gaming glasses are designed to improve visual clarity, reduce ghosting and deliver a more vibrant 3D image. The frame designs contain flat temple arms to provide a professional fit and long term comfort.

Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves


Keep your hands warm this winter by wrapping them in Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves ($390). These waterproof, windproof gloves feature alphaHEAT tech that automatically adjusts heat levels to keep your hands warm — but not roasting — and uses flat, flexible, conductive traces instead of wires to keep yourself comfortable. Other features include an integrated charging cable for the lithium-polymer battery, an elastic wrist for a secure fit, and 4-6 hours of heating time per charge.

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