Neurio Gives You Smart Home Monitoring With Just One Sensor

Neurio_Sensor (Custom) (2)

Canadian company Neurio, based in Vancouver, BC, has just announced an innovative, easy-to-use and money-saving smart home technology, that can, in minutes, make any ordinary home “smart.” Neurio is an intelligent, open platform that with just a single sensor brings smart home capabilities to the entire home, with future versions providing intelligence for all existing appliances. As the brain of the home, Neurio connects both older appliances and newer smart devices to allow users to easily track, monitor and better understand how their home is operating, such as letting the user know when their kids come home, or if they forgot to turn something off before leaving for the day. Neurio makes it simple, affordable and practical to bring smart home technology, and its benefits, to the masses.  Successfully funded via a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, Neurio is now shipping to backers and is currently available for pre-order at The Neurio Sensor costs $249 and users have the potential to save money quickly by recognizing energy use patterns and habits. The Neurio platform, which features a single sensor attached to a home’s circuit box, allows for home intelligence and monitoring right out of the box.  For complete details and a video, check out our sister site


Top Home Security Gadgets For 2015

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Today, home security is much more than mortise locks and basic burglar alarms. There are now a plethora of hi-tech products available to help you fend off intruders. Here are some innovative security solutions that are likely to prove popular in 2015.

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Kitting Out Your Man Cave

Kitting Out Your Man Cave (Custom)


Your man cave might be the only place in your home that you can truly put your own stamp on. With this in mind, there’s no point in settling for half measures when you’re kitting the space out. Whether your haven of relaxation and fun is a converted garage, attic, basement or simply a lounge, the following accessories will help ensure it looks and feels the part.

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Sexual Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump



Yes another book is being featured on Guydster, but instead of showing you exciting new ways to eat something you don’t like eating… Actually there’s surely a chapter on that in the pages of Sexual Fitness too. This book teaches you to take your sex up to a new level while also providing you with a great workout. On average we burn around 100 to 150 calories during sex, but some of the positions can bring those numbers up to 400 calories or more. Essentially your partner will act as the barbell for some weight training exercises, except you also get to penetrate the barbell (Warning: do not try techniques learned in the book on gym equipment). Available in hardcover and on Kindle for $12.

Mega Bar from Gym Supreme



Unless you are the type of person that can really commit or an extreme narcissist, gym memberships are pretty much a scam. You get locked into a yearly membership that you don’t take advantage of; as you watch your hard earned dollars go down the drain. Mega Bar is another entry in the home gym and while we don’t know yet how it will stack up against the larger Total Gym or Bowflex, we like its size and versatility. Weighing in at just twelve pounds, the Mega Bar appears to be a simple door frame, pull-up bar with multiple grip positions; but it can also be adjusted to be a barbell, push-up stand, and many other useful workout tools. It fits most standard doorways, is compatible with all types of weight plates and can be used with rubber hoses or straps. There is no price point yet, but you can follow a link to Gym Supreme’s website to check out their promo video and sign up for an alert when the Kickstarter campaign/early-bird prices begin.

Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber

magnet scrub


Most of you probably don’t have a wine decanter to clean, but there are plenty of frustratingly shaped glasses; impossible to truly clean with a dish washer or sponge. Win some points with the Mrs, while playing with magnets, using Cuisipro’s Magnetic Spot Scrubber. The Scrubber is pretty straight forward, a powerful magnet holds the second piece against the inside of the glass and you clean both sides simultaneously. Hard rubber nubs allow you to really scrub your glassware, but the magnet isn’t going cause anything to crack or break (unless you combine it with a slingshot or something). $12.

Big City Transforming Mini Condo of the Future, Now

Big City Transforming Mini Condo of the Future Now (Custom)


Living downtown in a big city like New York is a dream for those who love the urban jungle of world-class restaurants, entertainment, shopping and everything else that such an amazing city has to offer.  It’s a dream until you realize the cost of a condo and just how little space you get.  But there are clever solutions to the problem like this transforming condo.  This 420 square foot condo offers a modular design with a sliding wall, a hidden table, folding beds and other cool tricks.  Thanks to its ingenious design, this tiny space is said to sleep four comfortably and host a sit-down dinner for up to ten people.  Just don’t expect to ride your bike around the living room.  $995,000.

True Mirror: The Non-Reversing Mirror



If you’ve ever chosen to part your hair on one side because it looked good in the mirror, only to discover you look weird in pictures; you might want to try a True Mirror. Our reflections give us a skewed self image and the manufacturers of the True Mirror say it can keep us from understanding ourselves. People have facial cues (ex. looking up to the left for visually constructed images and looking up to the right for visually remembered images) and mirrors give us a flipped perspective of our own cues. True Mirrors are pretty straight forward; two mirrors connected perfectly at a ninety degree angle allow you to see yourself as others do. There is even a 3D effect that will give a better sense of depth when seeing how clothes fit. The price may seem pretty steep for anyone who can competently use a protractor and that viewpoint is totally justified. So, head to the hardware store or get a full sized True Mirror for $1495.

Jarre Technologies AeroBull Wireless Speaker

Jarre Technologies AeroBull Wireless Speaker (Custom)


Everyone loves music, but not everyone wants their speakers to look like, well… speakers.  This French manufacturer offers some very out-of-the-ordinary speaker designs ranging from a skull to something you would find on the set of a sci-fi film, and of course this bulldog speaker called the AeroBull.  The AeroBull sports two 2.25″ high/mid drivers along with a 5.25 bass driver, and a 100 watt amplifier.  It has a docking port with Apple’s Lightning connect on the head, which you’d probably only use to recharge your iPhone since the system offers wireless Bluetooth playback.  A 3.5 mm line-in audio input is also on-board for old school devices.  Comes with a sweet dog bone-shaped remote.  Available in 5 different colors.  The sunglasses make it look awesomely badass!  € 999.

Jalousier Makes Your Blinds Smart

Jalousier turns your blinds smart


The future has the word ‘lazy’ written all over it but that’s a part of the reason why we love it so much.  The Jalousier will prevent you from ever having to get off the couch and adjust your blinds because you’ll be able to do so with your smart phone or tablet.  But that’s just the beginning because it’s way smarter than that.  The device clips on to any existing venetian blinds and can be setup to automatically adjust the position of the slats according to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions.  It offers both wifi and ZigBee wireless connectivity so it can be integrated into a home automation system.  It can do some other awesome things like sync with the alarm clock on your phone to open the blinds in your bedroom in the morning, and text you when a brilliant moon comes up or when it notices the first snowfall of the year.  We dig it!  Pledge $89 (limited time offer).

Northern Icon Strates Desk

Northern Icon Strates Desk


If your desktop and drawers always seem to run out of space than you’re gonna love the Strates desk.  Constructed out of high-quality birch plywood, this very smart looking desk offers no less than 7 levels of storage flanking the desktop itself.  In addition to your office essentials, all these shelves will allow you plenty of rooms for all your gadgets, chachkas and items you would otherwise never be able to place on your desk.  Just remember that cleaning it will take exactly 7 times as long as conventional desk.  $1,750.

BEDJET: Heating and Cooling System for your Bed



Keep toasty under the sheets like they’re fresh from the dryer, by supporting this game changing Kickstarter campaign. BEDJET is a forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that regulates the temperature of your bed via a smart phone app. The system can heat your bed to feeling like your sheets have just been pulled out of the dryer in three minutes. And when winter is over and it’s so hot that the thought of touching your significant other gives you heat stroke, you’ll be glad you have the air conditioning keeping you cool and crisp instead of sticky and stanky. Minimum pledge $249.

Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave



If you are above the age of ten, then you likely lack the limitless energy of youth needed to drag yourself out of bed every morning. Fortunately, we have coffee and energy drinks to wake us up. Pacific Shaving Company’s new line of shaving cream and aftershave is looking to give you an extra boost while you’re getting ready for the day. Apparently, a lot of beauty products and anti aging creams already contain caffeine; as it soothes your skin and gives it a healthy look. Absorbing your morning cup of Joe through your face (or your no-no zone) does sound like a time saver, but you’ll likely still need it. This would make a great stocking stuffer, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get it until March next year. There are a lot of good pre-order bundles available; starting with three tubes of the shaving cream and three of the aftershave for $25.

Relax Like an Astronaut in the Gravity Balans Chair by Varier

gravity location1

Okay – you won’t really feel like zero gravity when you sit in this chair, but in all fairness astronauts don’t experience zero gravity either (they’re actually in freefall, but traveling fast enough that they never hit the Earth). Point is, this is a very comfortable chair and it’s a stylish take on a recliner. The Gravity Balans adjusts to four positions depending on how you distribute your weight: lean forward to kneel and leaning back to varying degrees will recline from sitting to lying down. When lying all the way back, you will gently rock to the rhythm of your heartbeat. The upholstery is a wool/polyamide blend which you can upgrade to wool/nylon for an additional $400 or leather for $1,400. This is definitely a luxury item, but it’s still cheaper than going to space. $2,195.

Filmography of Cars by ‘Calm the Ham’

wall and wooden floor


You’re a dude and you love cars but your garage just isn’t big enough for all the cars you’d like to own – and neither is your wallet.  That’s why they make car posters.  Filmography of Cars – by an artist named ‘Calm the Ham’ – features finely detailed hand illustrations of some of the most iconic cars of film and television from 1929 to today.  In this 24″ x 36″ print, signed and numbered by the artist, you’ll find cars ranging from the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 to the Delorean DMC-12 ‘Back to the Future’ car and everything in between.  Awesome!  $44.

DoorBot Video Doorbell


Unless you work in a home office, you’re probably never there to answer the door when UPS delivers that cool new gadget you read about on Guydster and ordered online.  The DoorBot connects to your home wifi and allows you to see and talk to visitors through your smartphone.  It offers two way communication so that the visitor can also hear your voice.  This way you could ask the delivery company to leave the package on the back porch or with your neighbour.  Whether you’re in your basement or away from your home, the DoorBot will let you answer the door from anywhere in the world.  When combined with the Lockitron door lock, the system will also allow you to open and lock the door. An internal battery offers one year of operation before it needs a recharge, but the DoorBot can also be powered by your existing door bell wiring.  $199.

Flux Chairs

It’s always good to have a few more chairs than you need daily for when friends come over for drinks on Saturday night.  The Dutch-designed folding Flux chair is a modern take on the folding chair but offers far more attractive styling in the smallest package we’ve ever seen.  Constructed out of recycled polypropylene, the Flux looks like a giant envelope and just like origami folds into a chair in just a few seconds.  You’ll love it for not taking up your space when not needed, and your friends will love you for always having a seat at your place.  Available in many different colors.  $180.


Benclif Designs Illuminating Vintage Relics


A cool lighting fixture can make a big statement in a room and these vintage relics lamps certainly fit the Guydster bill.  Each lamp is constructed out of a vintage relic and outfitted with a vintage-style exposed filament light bulb. The repurposed bases for the lamps span a wide range of objects such as fans, bird cages, and other industrial pieces.  If you’re looking for an industrial lighting accent for a room in your home, these lamps are among the most unique you’ll find anywhere.  $96+

Belkin WeMo Light Switch


One day, very soon, we’ll be saying “remember the days you had to use light switches?”  After all, having to get up from the dinner table or the couch to dim the lights couldn’t be any less convenient.  But now thanks to Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch (F7C030) you can control all the lights in your home with the WeMo app on your smartphone or tablet, one of which is probably always within your reach.  The WeMo switch connects to your home’s existing electrical wiring and then uses your Wi-Fi network to communicate with your portable devices, allowing you to turn lights on and off throughout your home.  The only thing that’s missing is a dimmer.  Perhaps Belkin will offer this feature in a future model.  Works with both Apple and Android devices.  $49.99.

Corian Countertops With Powermat Wireless Charging


Snake pits of cables are unavoidable around computers, TV sets and audio systems.  Or are they?  One company making strides toward a completely wireless future is Powermat.  And now thanks to a partnership between DuPont and the Power Matters Alliance, Corian countertops will soon be embedded with Powermat wireless charging.  Corian is a solid surface, a synthetic granite alternative, used for countertops everywhere from kitchens and meeting rooms to hospitals and research labs.  The embedded Powermat technology will allow you to wirelessly charge your smartphone, tablet and other electronic gadgets simply by placing them on the counter.  All you need to do is plug in a small device into the charging port of your gadget, which sits there permanently.  How awesome is that?  $TBA.

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