Renetto Zero Gravity Hammock


The problem a hammock is finding two trees at the perfect distance to set it up. My other problem with them is that they are mostly outdoor furniture. This is why I can’t wait for my Renetto Hammock to get here. It’s portable, sets up in seconds and weighs less than forty pounds. The hammock can be adjusted to an upright or recline position and was created with an ultra safe flip proof design. The guys at Renetto boast that it is the only “zero gravity” hammock. I’m not sure what that means, as it would defy the laws of physics; but it sounds comfortable. The hammock might even be a suitable replacement for my bed if it weren’t for the 250 lbs weight limit (I’m only 175, but you got to think about the ladies). $169.99.

Question Block Lamp


I don’t often get excited by lamps. That changed when I saw the touch activated Question Block Lamp. Inspired by that classic video game we all know, but can’t mention the name of for legal reasons (hint: not the Super Luigi Bros.) The touch lamp came out in 2012, but is being re-released on Kickstarter with an upgraded version. The new lamp comes with an easy-to-use mounting kit, a twenty foot cord, and an all around improved structure. For an extra twenty dollars you can get it with an aluminum stand, but I’d rather hang it high so you have to punch up to turn it on and off. The lamp even makes the coin sound effect when you turn it on and off. $49.

Sonte Window Film


Ever wonder what the future of your home looks like?  The Sonte Film is a small glimpse toward a home that can be controlled by your smartphone.  Simply apply the film to any existing window and use the Sonte smartphone app to switch the film from clear to opaque in less than a second.  The system relies on your home’s WiFi network and will not only help you control the amount of light getting in through the windows, it also provides UV protection.  A very cool side benefit is that when in the ‘opaque’ mode, the film can double as a projection screen – so you can play your new PS4 when it comes out later this year.  The company’s Kickstarter project is already fully funded and they hope to deliver the product sometime next year.  $99+ (depending on size).

BlueFlame Slingshot Bluetooth Speaker


Singing your ‘guilty pleasure’ songs, like something from Bruno Mars, in the shower is totally cool but sometimes we all wish we could bring our music-loaded smartphones into the shower.  While that day hasn’t arrived just yet, we have the next best thing – the BlueFlame Slingshot.  This water-resistant Bluetooth speaker can be hung right on the shower head and stream music directly from your phone that’s sitting safely on the bathroom vanity.  The Slingshot is also perfect surfside, poolside, or wherever else you might venture.  Thanks to its built-in microphone you can also use it as a speakerphone, so you can call your boss during your shower and explain to him why you’re running late again.  The Slingshot is said to achieve a frequency response of 100Hz – 10KHz.  $99 for the version that runs off 4-AA batteries; $119 for the version that runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Turnstone Buoy Stool


Don’t you just hate how your chairs hold you comfortably in one place? Me neither, but let’s say we do when we look at the Buoy by Turnstone. The idea is that staying still for long periods is bad for us and constantly fidgeting in our seats is good. The Buoy stool goes up and down and swivels like an office chair, but it also tilts in 360 degrees. They come in six different colours with your choice of twenty-five different fabric tops. Although, the fancy tops will cost up to 100 dollars more. Turnstone’s stool does seem like it would be fun for a while, though I can’t help but think the lack of lumbar support would give you a nice Mr. Burns level hunch. Starting at $199.

Kwikset Kevo iPhone Door Lock


Say goodbye to the days of locking yourself out of your home.  The Kwikset Kevo is a new lock that allows you to use an iPhone to unlock your door – and given how attached we’ve all become to our smart phones the chances of leaving your house without your phone are very unlikely.  Once you configure the lock with the free app simply walk up to the lock, touch it with your finger and the lock will open – you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket.  This is possible thanks to the Kevo communicating with your phone using the Bluetooth Low Energy profile.  A Kevo Fob is also included with the lock for those who don’t have a compatible phone.  The Kwikset Kevo supports the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, as well as the iPad 3, 4, mini, and the latest iPod touch.  $250.  Coming this summer.

LG Electronics Roboking Voice Activated Vacuum Cleaner


Robotic vacuum cleaners are wonderful invention, no doubt.  LG Electronics however decided that they could be even better if you could call them like a pet to your unexpected spills.  The Roboking (model #’s VR6281LVMC and VR6282LVMC) is the first vacuum cleaner we’ve heard of that can be operated by voice.  It is outfitted with sensors that recognize the direction of your voice and will gladly come to clean up your mess.  The Roboking is an efficient and smart cleaner, able to locate and avoid obstacles thanks to its dual cameras and three ultrasonic sensors, which work very effectively even in dark areas.  A full charge offers a cleaning time of about 100 minutes, while a relatively quiet operation (48 dB) makes it possible to watch TV or talk on the phone while it vacuums your home.  Available in Korea for about $733.  News via Far East Gizmos.

Behemian Workbench Nintendo Controller Coffee Table


Behemian Workbench Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

What better way to show your love for classic video games than with this Nintendo controller coffee table?  Constructed out of maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery this table is finished with a glass top which makes it easy to clean and functional.  Better still, if you remove the glass you can actually use it as a controller to play Nintendo (it has a retractable cord that’s hidden underneath).  Super Mario’s “Giant World” has finally found a match!  A more affordable, non-functional version is also available.  Behemian Workbench also makes a cool Batman logo coffee table.  $3,700.

Surface Tension Double7 Arcade Coffee Table


Well, you’ll never have to buy one of those pretentious coffee table books again because this coffee table has Mortal Kombat I, II and III. I want one of these in the office, but apparently we need to spend that money on “more important things”, like heat. The Double7 arcade table comes with over 100 games, but this table is much more than an arcade. Running on Windows7, the table can also surf the web, watch movies, listen to music and play any retro console emulators you might have. It has 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard disk, which will run the games beautifully and with ease. It would be a hit at the dentist’s; they still have a MacLean’s Magazine from ’93. $5,442.

Undead Teds


In honor of Valentine’s Day and the return of everyone’s favourite zombie show; here is a different gift to get the one you love. Each Undead Ted is custom made by creator Philip Blackman to horrifyingly gruesome effect. Admittedly, your girlfriend may hate this; but she’ll be calling you over to protect her on those scary nights. Be sure to make her feel guilty for not having it on display in her room. It was a gift from the heart after all. With each being custom made and very popular, you’ll have to bid for it, but look into those undead eyes and tell me it isn’t worth it. Bidding starts at 99p ($155.84).

CalypsoCase CalypsoKey


What are you more likely to forget when you leave your house – your keys or your phone?  What if we told you that you’ll never have to carry your house keys with you again?  The CalypsoCase is an iPhone case equipped with near field communication (NFC) which communicates with a little receiver, called the CalypsoKey, plugged into a door.  Simply tap the receiver with your phone and the door will unlock automatically.  No apps and no charging are needed.   Your phone is the key!  Just don’t forget your phone when going out.  $149 (CalypsoKey) + $119 CalypsoCase.

Pulse BoomChair Gaming Chair


Every king needs his throne, just as all hardcore gamers need one of these. The Pulse BoomChair is an extremely comfortable gaming rocker. It can connect to any phone, game, audio or video system; wirelessly for gaming consoles. A pair of speakers in the head rest, coupled with a four inch subwoofer provides great sound. It also vibrates to add to the immersive experience and you can control everything from a panel on the side. So turn up the volume and vibration strength and let’s rock some Cooking Mama… I mean Halo. $190.

Morning Head

Please don’t ask your mom for this product…No, this is not some kind of magic fellatio machine. Morning Head is a cap that gives you that fresh out of the shower look, without the shower. Now I’m not saying you don’t need to shower. Quite the opposite but, if you shower at night or you’re running late in the morning, this will work wonders in a pinch. Just pour water in the cap, put it on and rub your head. In five seconds you’re ready. Each cap lasts thirty uses and you can get two for $10.

Deglon Meeting Knives


This stunning set of nesting knives by the French company Deglon won’t make you a better cook but it should certainly inspire you to dust off that cookbook you got from your mom for your last birthday.  These stainless steel knives, designed by Mia Schmallenbach, nest together in a design based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.  This set consists of four pieces: a paring, a utility, a Chefs and a carving knife.  Included with the set is a beautiful oak stand.  Despite their name, we advise you not to bring these to your next working meeting.  $749.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

It should be pretty obvious by now that the home of the near future will rely on smartphones and tablets.  At the Guydster studio, we love to use our mobile devices to control various audio and video components.  And now thanks to the Philips Hue connected bulbs you can also control lighting in your home from an iPhone or iPad.  The dimmable, LED-based Hue light bulb outputs 600 lumens and can be dialed in using the control app to all shades of white (from warm to cold) and a variety of colors.  $199.95 (Philips Hue Connected Bulb Starter Pack – includes 3 bulbs + bridge).  You can even set timers to help you wake up.  Up to 50 Hue light bulbs can be used in a single system.  Available at

Fullmoon Collection Credenza by Sotirios Papadopoulos


This Credenza from designer Sotirios Papadopoulos is a statement piece unlike any other we’ve seen before.  The doors of this cabinet are treated with a photo-luminescent varnish made with an environment-friendly chemical base, which makes the image of the moon glow in the dark.  Just resist the temptation to walk on the moon after a few glasses of wine on a Saturday night.  News via Would Like Craftlab.

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