Soft Goat Stubble Softener Winners Announced!



Thank you to everyone that participated in our Soft Goat Stubble Softener giveaway.  The three lucky, randomly selected winners of the Soft Goat Stubble Softener include Denny Phan, Karina Holz and Kelly Remington.  Congratulations to all!  If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, Guydster’s got more great giveaways coming up very soon.

About the Soft Goat Stubble Softener

Having to shave is a hassle.  Equally annoying is the sharp stubble that comes back the next day, especially for your partner.  The Soft Goat Stubble Softener is a simple but genius way to address this problem, on both your face and in your pants.  Simply rub the Soft Goat hypoallergenic pad in a circular motion and it’ll gently round the ends of your scruff.  A ladies version is called “Soften Her”.  For more info check out

Wireless Armour Anti WiFi Boxer Shorts / Underwear

Anti WiFi Boxer Shorts Underwear (Custom)


You may not know exactly why it’s bad for you, but you probably know that carrying your smart phone in your pocket is not good for your man stuff.  Research links wireless radiation to low sperm counts and low sperm motility in men.  And who knows what other research may reveal after prolonged periods of time.  But worry not, because now there’s a solution.  The Wireless Armour Anti WiFi Boxers are made from a unique fabric containing pure silver fibers that are said to block 99.9 percent of electromagnetic radiation from devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops.  Plus the silver fibers have has antimicrobial properties that help minimize funny smells.  We wonder – why did it take so long for someone to come with this?  This is a man must-have!  Pre-order yours for $26.

Gekks Shoe Liners – For the Perfect Sockless Look

Gekks Shoe Liners

The spring is here and it’ll soon be time to bust our your summer kicks, as soon as the never ending rain stops.  If you want to sport the sockless look this summer and not have to deal with smelly shoes, check out the Gekks Shoe Liners.  These thin, breathable liners are designed to stay put inside any loafer-style shoes and remain firmly in place until you’re ready to take them out for a wash.  Their design allows them to firmly but temporarily adhere to the inside of your shoes using a combination of garment design, knitting techniques, and a thin adhesive gel on the outside of the liner.  The Gekks let you roll with your casual style of slipping in and out of your shoes barefoot, and add comfort and anti-stench properties while wearing the shoes.  Sounds like an amazingly comfortable lifestyle to us!  $25/each or $48/2-pack.

Win a Soft Goat Stubble Softener!



Having to shave is a hassle.  Equally annoying is the sharp stubble that comes back the next day, especially for your partner.  The Soft Goat Stubble Softener is a simple but genius way to address this problem, on both your face and in your pants.  Simply rub the Soft Goat hypoallergenic pad in a circular motion and it’ll gently round the ends of your scruff.  A ladies version is called “Soften Her”.  To qualify for this giveaway simply ‘Like’ Guydster on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Then tell us something about your shaving habits on our Facebook or Twitter page.  Do you shave for work because you have to?  How often do you shave your face or down below?  Or do you sport a hipster beard?  Three winners will be announced on May 13th, 2014.  All of our existing social media fans will also qualify for this giveaway by answering the question.  For more info check out  Please enter the contest below:

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The contest is open to all US and Canadian residents 18+.

Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Watch

Victorinox INOX (Custom)


If you work in a construction trade and like to wear a nice watch, then the INOX is a watch you’ll want to take a look at.  It’s also a great fit for those of you walk into door frames with their watches or occasionally drop them from a 2nd floor balcony.  That’s because the INXO is one of the most trustworthy and resistant watches Victorinox has ever built.  It is crafted from a solid stainless steel block, and protected by a removable bumper of nylon and silicone.  Victorinox has put the INXO through a barrage of 130 different tests to ensure that it’ll pass the test of time. For instance, the INOX can withstand a 10 meter drop onto a concrete surface.  And as you might expect the company even drove a 64-ton Swiss Army tank over the INOX to test its durability.  The INOX is powered by a Ronda 715 quartz movement and water resistant up to 200m.  $TBA.

Eone Bradley Watch



Not only did Eone design their timepiece to be simplistic and elegant, they also designed it to be functional. The watch has two ball bearings; one that orbits the outer rim (delineating hours) and the other circles the face (minutes). Yes it’s cool looking, but the functionality of this set up is made with the visually impaired in mind. One can tell the time by feeling out where the balls are; which could also come in handy when checking the time discreetly. Currently, “The Bradley” comes in stainless steel mesh, blue, green and yellow. $195.

The Soft Goat Stubble Softener



This is more for the ladies, but anything that encourages her to get close is good for us guys too. For those who like the slight stubble style or are just too lazy to shave every single day, Soft Goat will keep your face from feeling like a cactus. When we shave, the razor cuts the hairs into points which cause the scratchiness when the hairs grow back out. Soft Goat hypoallergenic pad is sort of like a very fine sand paper (think Mr. Clean Magic Eraser). When rubbing gently in a circular motion, the pad gently rounds the ends of your scruff. Each pad lasts about two months and three pads come in a pack. We know your next question and yes this will work on your genitals. They call it “Soften Her” and just as facial hair gets scratchy and uncomfortable, when guys and girls alike shave their nether regions for their partners, that smooth feeling lasts only about a day. Then it’s like mashing two porcupines together. $12.

Nixon The Sentry Chrono Watch

Nixon The Sentry Chrono Watch


The Sentry Chrono is a timepiece designed to fit with your work attire just as easily as it does with your casual lifestyle.  This redesigned original sports a new six-hand chronograph movement, a 24-hour subdial for precision time-telling, and a date placement.  The Sentry Chrono has a medium-sized 42mm stainless solid steel case, along with a dial that features faceted applied indices, a printed seconds track, and custom molded hands.  At its core is a Miyota Japanese quartz 6 hand chronograph movement.  Available in five different finishes/colors.  $300-$350.

Naked and Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans



Before you get your hopes too high, the only flavour currently available is mint. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we don’t imagine bacon scented pants would have the same effect on women as they would on bit—er, dogs. The scratch-n-sniff aspect of the jeans only lasts for about five washes, but you’ll be able to go longer without washing them because they’ll smell as fresh as your breath. Plus, the Naked and Famous denim is made of 100% Japanese cotton; leaving you with a high quality pair of jeans once the gimmick wears off. A word of advice: if you see a girl you like, while wearing these jeans; ignore your instincts and do not scratch your crotch vigorously in on the off chance she actually gets close enough to smell it. If you can see her, she can most certainly see you…touching yourself. $158.

Shwood Louisville Slugger Sunglasses

Shwood Louisville Slugger Sunglasses guydster

The spring is here and along with it comes a lot more sunshine which we all love, but you’ll need a way to protect your eyes.  Here’s a way to do it with style.  These limited edition sunglasses were developed to celebrate the legendary Louisville Slugger’s 130 years in baseball.  Each pair is handcrafted from repurposed Louisville Slugger Ash wood, swung on baseball fields around the world, in the company’s Portland, OR wood shop.  The collection included two different models called the Canby and the Haystack.  What an awesome tribute to America’s favorite pastime!  $250-$500.

Motorola Moto 360 Android Wear Smart Watch

Moto 360 Android Wear Smart Watch


If you’re a regular Guydster reader, you might already be convinced that you’re going to need a smart watch this year.  Most of us are clearly too lazy to reach for the smart phone in our pockets.  Motorola is the latest manufacturer to join the smart watch race with its Moto 360 device.  Like LG’s G Watch, this one will be powered by Google’s new Android Wear OS and offer a clean, traditional design unlike most of the smart watches before it.  So far the specs have not been revealed, only a few details.  Here’s what we know: there are no external ports for charging or data access.  Motorola says that the watch will use an alternate charging method, which we’re guessing will be induction or kinetic (motion) based – and we love the idea!  The Moto 360 was designed with a big focus on comfort and looks, which should make it appealing to a broad number of potential buyers.  Look out for it this summer.  $TBA.  Check out a quick video about it on

LG G Smart Watch

LG G Smart Watch 01


LG’s smart watch, known simply as the G Watch, will be the first smart watch that we’ve heard of to sport Google’s new wearables platform OS called Android Wear.  Exact details about this device are very limited right now, aside from its looks but like other smart watches the G Watch will be able to display texts, notifications from apps, show you who’s calling, let you answer and decline calls, act as a GPS, hail a taxi and track your active lifestyle.  And that’s just the beginning.  The exact functionality will depend on the apps that come out for it from various developers.  You’ll also be able to say “OK Google” to it and ask questions and get it to display various things for you.  Coming second quarter of 2014.  $TBA.  To see it in action, check out the video on

Devon Tread 2 Time Belt Watch



Here’s a unique new timepiece from Devon Works. The Tread 2 looks unlike any watch we’ve ever seen and that isn’t a bad thing. This lithium powered watch features a horizontal hour belt overlapped by a vertical minute belt; both of which move like a conveyor as time passes. You can turn the minute belt into a second counter with the touch of a button; which you will most likely do a lot just to watch the seconds go by. The backside curves to comfortably fit your wrist and the built in leather straps are made of high quality hide. The Tread 2 is water proof up to ten metres, but we still wouldn’t risk it with a price point of about $10,000.

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smart Watches

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smart Watches

While you were contemplating picking up Samsung’s GALAXY Gear smart watch that came out at the end of last year, the company was already designing its second generation of smart watches.  Yes, Samsung has been lightning fast at developing this wearable tech.  The second generation offers two options – the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo.  Both models sport a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 pixel Super AMOLED touch-screen, are powered by a 1 GHz dual core processor, have 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of on-board memory.  The Gear 2 Neo model will cost you less since it doesn’t have a built-in camera.  The big news is that both models will use Samsung’s new Tizen operating system, instead of Android.  The Tizen OS promises to work with more devices, and will soon be available in Samsung’s smart phones and TVs.  But don’t expect it to work with your iOS device.  Also new in the 2nd gen is a heart rate sensor which combined with the existing pedometer will allow for new fitness apps. Coming this April.  $TBA.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

seiko satron


Spend a lot of time traversing through different time zones? Or maybe you just want the cute redhead at the bar to think you’re well travelled. Seiko’s new Astron watch will certainly catch her eye as the blue accents reflect light through the sapphire crystal much like the earth does, as seen through the stratosphere. A faintly seen map from the perspective of above the North Pole lines up with the corresponding city time zones. The built-in GPS automatically adjusts to your time-zone whenever the dial is exposed to sunlight. There are a few colour options available at $2,600.

Caseco Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie Hats web



This may be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to a hat!  Launching a new  wearable technology category, the Blu-Toque is a beanie re-imagined for the modern times, allowing you to talk on your smartphone and listen to music without the need for any wires or earphones.  It contains a built-in Bluetooth headset/speakers, microphone and controls, and works with most iOS, Android and other smart phones and tablets.  Its lithium-ion battery powers it for 6 hours and has a standby of 60 hours.  The buttons on the outside allow you to answer calls and music playback.  The Blu-Toque  beanie is perfect when you’re walking your dog, taking the public transit, in your car and even when sitting through a really boring college lecture.  And when you want to wash it, simply remove the Bluetooth module and pop it in the laundry machine.  $50.

Cogito Original and Pop Smart Watches


Cogito Smart Watch Family guydster

Let’s face it – all of the smart watches we’ve seen so far look either childish or dorky.  The Cogito Original and Pop watches aren’t like the others though – they offer more sophisticated looks handsomely combined with the functionality of a smart watch.  Both watches merge a classic analog watch face with a modern digital display.  The goal of these time pieces is to free you up from constantly checking your phone.  They can be customized to display only the notifications that you really want to be aware of instantly.  Both watches can show you who is calling or texting, and let you decided to answer to mute the incoming transmission.  Now instead of checking your pocket all the time, you’ll be checking your wrist – this the future friends!  Pre-order yours now for delivery in 2-3 months.  $180.

Shinola The Runwell Chrono Watch

Shinola The Runwell Chrono Watch


The Runwell Chrono embodies the elegance and precision of American watch making.  Like all Shinola watches the Runwell Chrono is entirely hand assembled in Detroit, including its Argonite 5021 quartz movement, which consists from 84 Swiss-made components.  In addition its hour, minute and second hands, the Runwell also sports a date indicator and a stopwatch function with one sub-dial.  This 47mm beauty is encased in a stainless steel body, and topped with a double curve sapphire crystal.  The matte white dial offers Super-LumiNova hands and indices that are easily visible in the dark.  Finishing it all off, a premium alligator leather strap wraps it comfortably around your wrist.  The Shinola Runwell Chrono is available in 3 different variations.  $950.


Pebble Steel Smart Watch

Pebble Steel Smart Watch


Smart watches are going to be one of the hottest tech trends in 2014 and the Pebble is leading the pack.  The Pebble Steel is a follow up to the company’s first smart watch model simply called the Pebble.  Although the original Pebble offered the much anticipated integration with our smart phones, it certainly wasn’t the most fashionable time piece around.  The Pebble Steel has a sleek, modern appearance that makes it suitable to wear just about anywhere.  It is crafted out of stainless steel and Corning Gorilla glass, and comes with both metal and leather straps.  You get two colors to choose from – brushed stainless or matte black.  Compatible with iOS and Android smart phones, the Pebble Steel works perfectly with the original Pebble ecosystem, meaning that it’ll run all the existing Pebble apps plus of course the new ones under development.  So what kinds of apps can you get for it?  Choose from various categories including notifications, music control, fitness, alarms, watch faces and many more coming soon when the Pebble appstore launches early this year.  $249.

Ridgid Heated Jackets

Ridgid Heated Jackets

What can make a tough job even tougher?  When you’re working in the freezing cold.  But thanks to smart tech like heated jackets, outdoor tasks can now be performed in better comfort than ever before.  The new Ridgid heated jackets are powered by the company’s 18V lithium-ion batteries and offer up to 18 hours of runtime (with a 4Ah Hyper Li-ion battery pack).  Each jacket offers 3 core heating zones, heated pockets and 3 adjustable heat settings per zone.  The multi-layered fabric itself offers great warmth, plus it’s water resistant.  So work as hard as you need to – but you no longer have to be cold!  $149 (black jacket, models R8702B, R8703B, R8703B); $169 (camo jacket, models R8712B, R8713B, R8714B); and $199 (black jacket kit with 18V battery and charger, models R8702K, R8703K, R8704K).

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