WeWOOD Wooden Watches

We Wood Watch


How can you outfit yourself with a new watch while doing a good deed at the same time?  You buy yourself a WeWOOD wooden watch.  For every watch it sells, WeWOOD plants a tree so that the little environmentalist inside you can feel warm and fuzzy.  The company offers a nice variety of gorgeous time piece designs, most fashioned from reclaimed/recycled wood combined with a state of the art Miyota movement.  Show your love for watches and the environment today!  $120 – $140.   www.we-wood.us

Cool Star Wars Rings

star wars han solo in carbonite ring


Get a little help from the power of the force in your daily life with a ring from this Star Wars ring collection, designed by Paul Michael Design.  There are numerous amazing and highly detailed designs to choose from and each can be ordered in sterling sliver, 14k gold, stainless steel or the ultimate laser sintered titanium.  The Han Solo in Carbonite pictured above is one of the more affordable rings ($195), while an R2D2 driod ring set with a real ruby eye, custom cut created sapphires and your choice of center stone will set you back $995 and up.  www.etsy.com

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring


Wearable technology is bound to make a big impact in the new year and the Smarty Ring will be among the very first smart rings to pave the way for this cool new tech.  Never mind reaching into your pocket to check your phone for notifications – the Smarty Ring uses Bluetooth 4.0 to update you about incoming/outgoing calls, texts, emails and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Hangout and Skype.  The Smarty Ring also serves as a remote, allowing you to accept or reject calls, make calls to your favorites list, control music playback and trigger the camera.  Topping it all of, it offers a clock that’s complete with dual time zones, a timer and an alarm clock.  Plus it’ll save you from ever losing your phone again by beeping when you’re more than 30 feet away from it.  $175.  www.smartyring.com

Jack Spade Slim Briefcase

Jack Spade Slim Briefcase


If your job requires you to carry a briefcase, you might as well rock one that’s as cool as one of these.  The Jack Spade Slim Brief comes in a classy textured fabric or leather finish – each offering water resistance, while sporting a clean, timeless design.  Functional features of the bag include an external slip and zipper pockets, interior organizing pockets and a removable shoulder strap.  Custom Jack Space hardware round out the package.  $298 – $395.  www.jackspade.com

Nixon Industrial Craft Collection Watches

Nixon Industrial Craft Collection Watches


At Guydster, we are big fans of Nixon watches for their cool styling and accessible price points.  The Industrial Craft Collection welds purpose and craftsmanship to produce a sleek, yet manly look for each of the six timepieces in this series.  Each watch offers a smooth matte black finish and industrial rose gold accents.  We are particularly fond of The Corporal SS styling and attractive price of just $200.  If you prefer a bulkier look and the convenience of a chronograph, then The 51-30 Chrono model might be just the piece you’re looking for.  A guy can never have too many watches!  $150-$500.  www.nixon.com

Ion Smartglasses

Ion Glasses

Wearable technology is quickly becoming the next big thing because let’s face it – a smartphone in your pocket is just inconveniently far away. The Ion glasses are the world’s first real glasses – optical or sunglasses – that allow you to interact with your smartphone or tablet (both iOs and Android). These fashionable glasses have an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a battery, a multi-color LED set, a buzzer and two buttons – all of which are completely hidden to the outside world. The buttons can be used to control phone functions like the camera, music selection or other remote tasks. Users can choose when and how LED lights turn on to indicate any type of notifications. The frames can also be set to alert the user if they move away from their phone preventing a lost device. Pledge $99 to get your pair. www.ionglasses.com

Nike LunarTerra Arktos


A lot of science went into the making of this boot. The LunarTerra Arktos by Nike was made with functionality in mind and style at heart (at least when it comes to the all black version). The leather overlays and hard rubber outsole will keep your feet dry in any terrain. Using technologies utilized for running and basketball performance, the boot is light weight and extremely comfortable; but my favourite feature is the removable booty. A sealed medial zip allows easy removal of the booty and unlike those thick fabric insoles you no doubt remember from your childhood, the LunarTerra Arktos’ booties have their own rubber soles for traction. Now you can keep your feet warm inside on those cold winter nights without tracking snow in through the house. Get them at your local Nike retailer for $190. nikeinc.com

Nixon Passport Watch

Whether you’re an international spy, or just a guy lucky enough to have sexual relations with women in different time zones, the Nixon Passport Watch is for you.  From London to Tokyo, this watch will keep you running on proper time wherever you might be on this planet.  The Passport uses a Swiss Made quartz analog world-time movement with a unique bezel control that let you adjust a second time zone.  It is housed in a 49mm (100 meter/10 ATM) stainless steel case with a hardened mineral crystal and features a sleek, attractive dial with printed hour numbers.  Its look is further enhanced by a ballistic nylon band that has a genuine leather trim.  So where are you off to now, you jetsetter?  $400.  www.nixon.com

Everki Versa Executive Backpack

The science of bag design is not tragically complicated.  A good quality bag should use durable materials, be comfortable to wear, offer useful compartments and look cool.  Yet sadly, so many bags fail in one or more of these areas.  But Everki isn’t one of those brands.  This backpack, from the company’s Versa range, is built for business and style, so that you’ll feel equally comfortable with it in the boardroom and during your commute.  Two leather handles let you carry it like a briefcase when wearing it as a backpack is inappropriate.  If you like useful compartments, you’re gonna love this bag.  First there are well padded, felt-lined compartments for both a laptop and a tablet.  Then there is the main compartment that offers a file organizer to keep your docs in place and protects their corners from dog-earing.  Inside the main compartment is also a see-through pocket and two Velcro pockets.  Finally the third compartment is outfitted with slots for things like pens and business cards.  The backpack also features easy-access side pockets (with a water bottle loop), a slim magnetic pocket and another small, zippered compartment ideal for stashing passports, tickets, and other items.  And if that wasn’t enough there’s also a built-in shell-protected sunglass/gadget case.  This backpack is comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded, thanks to its ergonomically designed, adjustable shoulder straps, and their dangle-free construction which allows them to tuck in neatly when the bag is carried as a briefcase.  Its shell is constructed out of water-resistant Ballistic nylon.  Just try not to forget which pocket you put your stuff in.  $195. www.everki.com

Samsung GALAXY Gear Smart Watch


A modern guy is not very modern unless he has one of the latest smartphones, and the same might soon be true if smart watches take off with the masses.  Could a smart watch be one of those devices that we really don’t see ourselves needing and then we get one and wonder how we ever lived without it?  While many smaller companies and Kickstarter projects have introduced smart watches over the last several months, Samsung is the first big manufacturer to join the wearable tech category.  The GALAXY Gear smart watch connects with your existing GALAXY smart phones and tablets and is capable of notifying you of incoming calls, texts, emails and alerts.  It delivers a preview of those messages on the screen and lets you accept or discreetly ignore them.  If the incoming message requires more than a quick glance, you can pick up your other GALAXY device and the content will appear on its larger screen instantly, thanks to a feature called Smart Relay.  A built-in speaker will let you make hands-free calls without touching the screen – which can be useful when your hands are occupied, carrying shopping bags for example.  The Gear’s Memographer feature lets you capture life’s quick moments thanks to its 1.9 Megapixel camera which can record both photos and video, while a Voice Memo feature lets you quickly record ideas and conversations.  Finally, you can also control music playback from your GALAXY device on the Gear’s screen.  Did we mention that this thing is also a fully functional watch?  Expect Samsung to release new smart watch apps when this device appears this October.  $299.  www.samsung.com

Barbour Steve McQueen Rexton Jacket



Steve McQueen was the king of cool.  From becoming the highest paid actor at the height of his career to racing motorcycles and cars, this guy did it all.  The Rexton is a vintage-style, distressed motorcycle jacket commemorating Steve McQueen’s role on the US team in the 1964 International Six Day Trials motorcycle race.  It features a canvas team badge, a Barbour International logo badge and a bold stars and stripes lining.  The jacket is styled after the US team jackets worn during the race, and offers some of the original features like a tilted map pocket, a canvas belt, and a corduroy lined funnel neck with a buckle close.  During this legendary race Steve McQueen got sideswiped and went flying off his bike, smashing his face and ripping the skin off his knees.  Just like Steve McQueen, this is one badass jacket.  $800.  www.barbour.com

Stantt: Casual Shirts Get a Custom Fit


This one hits close to home for me. Being tall and thin, it has always been near impossible to find a shirt that fits. Either you get a large and it is outrageously loose, muffin topping no matter how many times you tuck it in; or it fits right but the arms are way too short and you have to keep tucking in because it un-tucks with any sudden movement. I literally have to roll my sleeves up on most shirts. Thankfully, Stantt has emerged with a Kickstarter campaign for the best fitted shirts ever. Instead of small, medium, large and extra-large; Stantt offers fifty different sizes. Send them measurements for your chest, waist and arm length and they’ll send you a perfect fitting shirt. The reason this new sizing works is the creators have taken millions of data points from 3D body scans of different guys to ensure the perfect fit. Pledge $68 and they’ll send you a custom fit polo or $98 for a casual button down. Kickstarter.com

Me Undies


Like most guys, you probably hate shopping. Especially for the things you need like underwear. And since you can’t try them on before you buy anyway, why not buy them online? The guys over at Me Undies take out the hassle and guess work of buying underwear. Offering all sizes, over twenty different colors and three typical styles: briefs, trunks, and boxer-briefs (sorry, no man thongs). Me Undies don’t ride up, which is a major victory right there, and they are made of micro modal fibres from beech wood. They’re so soft it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. Order now and get twenty percent off your first purchase and it’s already a pretty decent deal at $16 a pop. meundies.com

Hexa Q500 Watch


Like its original K500 brother, designed for diving, this new Q500 watch offers the same unique design and rugged specs but it is intended for everyday use.  The Q500 features a Miyota precision quartz movement, a 3mm sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside, a high-grip crown and bezel, as well as an easy-to-read dial with industry-leading luminescence by Lüm-Tec.  It offers a unique gray-on-gray colorway with a matching custom Italian rubber dive strap, and is available in a bead-blasted or brushed stainless finish.  Comes with a super-cool custom waterproof seahorse case that looks like a mini briefcase.  $349.  www.hexawatches.com

Nixon Diplomat Watch


Nixon makes a ton of cool watches and the Diplomat is its latest awesome creation.  Available in two finishes (Black/Silver/Green & Silver), it uses a 4-hand, Swiss GMT movement that shows time in two different locations, which is perfect for all you travelling types.  Its face shows large 12 hour markings and smaller 24 hour markings, and contains four custom molded hands.  The 45mm case is waterproof to 200 meters and capped with a domed hardened mineral crystal with an anti-glare treatment.  So pick up a Diplomat and next time you’re in a different time zone, just glance at your watch to see what time it is at home, instead of counting on your fingers.  $500-$550.  www.nixon.com

HOT Watch Smart Watch


The rapidly growing popularity of smart watches shows just how lazy we’ve all become.  Reaching for the phone in our pocket has clearly become somewhat of a hassle.  The Hands On Talk (HOT) watch is the latest device attempting to simplify this daunting task.  It claims to be the first smart watch that allows you to make and receive calls by simply raising it to your ear.  It also offers an advanced touch screen, gestures and call and message functionality in a stylish, slim package.  The HOT Watch works with all Bluetooth smartphones and is currently being funded by Kickstarter.  $119.  www.kickstarter.com

Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses


Wearing the same stuff as everyone else is boring at the best of times.  Plus nobody wants their friends to think that they’re a biter. The Ray-Ban Remix Sunglasses will give you a style that’s totally original and will make your friends wish they were the first to discover them.  Here’s how it works, simply choose: one of three styles of frames (the classic aviators, wayfarers or justin), a color for the front and temples, a lens color, size, and even a 5-letter custom label (like your name or initials) for the tips of the temples.  And seal the deal with your preferred color of case.  Chances are you’ll never run into anyone that has a pair of shades just like yours, ever.  What a great idea!  $160-$210.  www.remix.ray-ban.com

Vice Holster By Four Chamber Forge


Men don’t have enough storage on their person. For the most part, you have two front pockets, and two back pockets. Cargo shorts just let things flop around and bang against your leg if you need to flee from the police (though a great place to store cheeseburgers when you’re going to the movies). So, why not rock a stylish leather holster? You can put your wallet or phone in the easy snap pouch; protecting you from either uncomfortable seating or testicular cancer. Or you can stash your cigs if you smoke. The other pocket holds a six ounce flask that comes with the holster; add a little whiskey and you’re ready for your nephew’s christening. Different models come with different specified pocket combinations which you can swap out depending on your storage needs. Wooden bow tie not included. $156.33. www.etsy.com

Dollar Shave Club


If you’re like me you spend an outrageous amount of money on razors. Going through a twenty dollar four pack in a couple of weeks; but trying to make that last cartridge last another three to five months to feel like you got your money’s worth. It’s also why I don’t shave everyday (that and I look great with a little scruff). Dollar Shave Club aims to change all that; providing you with the razors you need for a fraction of the price of Gillette’s ultra octo-blade. Best thing is, they deliver directly to you. You can get five twin blades, four quad blades or four six bladed cartridges a month, depending on your grooming needs. Saving money will keep you smooth and free up some funds to spend on cool things like beer delivering robots or a birthday present for your girlfriend (get the robot). Starting at $3.50/month. dollarshaveclub.com

Mass Effect N7 Sneakers


The awesome Mass Effect universe is no longer confined to your television screen.  These Mass Effect N7 sneakers will allow you to navigate through the urban jungle with the confidence of a Spectre.  Offering a sleek, low-top design, they are constructed out of shaved suede, perforated leather, and a glossy mesh that looks like armor-plating.  The tongue sports the Spectre badge, while the N7 logo is displayed on the quarter and heel tabs.  Hidden inside on the sock liners are the Paragon and Renegade logos.  So when you’re not acting as Commander Shepard in the game, you can do more casual things in real life, like going out to a bar or the movies.  $85.  www.thinkgeek.com