Marc Ecko Star Wars AT-AT Pilot Sweatshirt


Looking to put some fun into casual Fridays at work?  This officially licensed AT-AT pilot sweatshirt is sure to get a reaction out of your co-workers, although it isn’t likely to improve your game with the ladies.  Then again you never know.  That cute, shy blonde a few cubicles away from you might be as much of a Star Wars fan as you… she just doesn’t talk about it.  The shell is made out of 100% polyester and comes with a hood, complete with goggles.  The force is strong with this one.  $135.

The Zip Tie


If you’re one of the guys that has to google “how to tie a tie” every time you put on a tie, then you definitely need one of these.  Not only will this tie never make you late for a function but it’s also likely to be a great conversation starter with that cute friend of the family at the next wedding.  The Zip Tie is hand made in California out of 100% Merino wool felt.  Available in grey and blue, and three different sizes.  Looking stylish has never been this simple!  $65.

Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka


If you’ve dreamed of running shoes that barely require you to raise your feet when walking this might be just the shoe you’ve been waiting for.  Nike’s Flyknit technology reduces weight while at the same time improving the fit and comfort.  This shoe behaves like a second skin – slip it on and it will adapt to the shape of your foot in motion.  The Nike Flyknit woven material reduces the weight of the manufacturing waste by two-thirds, compared to other running shoes.  The Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka will be available in two colorways, both drawing on a winter-inspired “Snow Style” palette.  $170.

Best Heated Clothing: Hammacher Schlemmer Heated Winter Outfit


Show Old Man Winter who’s boss this winter with a heated outfit from Hammacher Schlemmer.  The heated jacket is equipped with four compact heating elements strategically embedded within the soft fleece lining.  A compact, removable 12-volt lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 13 hours of warmth on the lowest setting, and about 4 hours on the highest setting (there are 5 temperature settings to choose from).  The Hammacher Schlemmer heated gloves can deliver a toasty temperature of 135° F to your fingers and palms on the highest setting, and offer up to 21 hours of power from a lithium-ion battery pack.  Thanks to a Thinsulate lining and even heat distribution, these are among the best heated gloves available today.  A leather shell, a water-resistant membrane and cuff cinches will keep your hands dry, while zippered compartments allow easy removal and insertion of the batteries.  Okay – we admit the heated headband will make you look a little dorky but it nicely completes the outfit.  Its heat comes from a heating pad embedded in the soft fabric and offers up to 3 hours of operation.  $299 (Heated Jacket), $199 (Heated Gloves), $30 (Heated Headband).

Baxbo Flask Tie: Drinking at Work Just got Easier


Happy hour can’t come soon enough? Is your nephew’s graduation feeling endless? Church, or whichever religious institution you attend, a little too dry for your liking? Next time you have to suit up, don’t leave this baby behind. The Flask Tie is pretty self explanatory; it’s a tie you can hide your booze in and discretely take sips from throughout the day. The ties contain an eight ounce pouch so we recommend filling it with the harder stuff to keep a solid buzz going through those eight hour days. They come in seven different styles, one for every day of the week. Don’t try to take it through airport security; you might end up with some discomfort after your cavity search. $25.

Titanium Utility Ring – The Guy’s Ultimate Ring?


Many guys pride themselves on being handy and can often MacGyver their way out of sticky situations.  And when you find yourself in a situation, this utility ring can help save your butt.  Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, it has a sleek, clean design and offers five concealed tools including a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade for tougher cuts, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, as well as a mini comb.  Who ever thought a ring could be this useful?  $385.

Sebago Jungle X Boot Designed by Linkin Park


Wanna aquire a new pair of rock star boots, while helping a good cause at the same time?  Proceeds from the sales of these limited edition boots, designed by Linkin Park, go to Music for Relief, which will offer help to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  The Jungle X boot is a premium utilitarian boot which reinvents functional style.  It is constructed from a blend of premium leather, canvas, a leather insole for comfort and breathability, as well as a Vibram rubber outsole for traction and durability.  $250.

General’s Surplus Ascot Tee


Roll out of bed and start the day right but throwing on this Ascot Tee.  Inspired by the Port Noonan Yacht Club, which served as an operations post and primary watering hole for a guy named Ted back in ‘68, this tee will make you feel like you can bark orders at anyone around you.  Whether they will listen or not is a totally different story.  Ted didn’t last at this post very long after throwing an out-of-control party on an evening of a race, but that makes this tee even cooler.  Works best when combined with a captain’s hat and a beard.  $25.

Xetum Stinson Watch


If you’re dressing to impress, a nice watch is an absolute must-wear accessory.  Not to mention that it will also help to get your butt on time, whether you’re going.  This California-designed Swiss automatic watch seamlessly combines precision components with clean, modern styling.  The minimalist matt brown dial is concealed behind a sapphire crystal with an interior anti-reflective coating to ensure that you can read the time with a quick glance under any conditions.  Available with your choice of a brown leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.  $995.



Avoid frost bitten lips and glide like a graceful yeti, as you hit the slopes this winter with Beardski. I’m not just saying “beard” in Russian, this fury fellah is a ski-mask/beard hybrid. The mask has a fleece lining to keep your face, neck and ears warm, as well as; an adjustable Velcro strap to keep it on snug and tight. Beardski comes in a hilarious assortment of colours and eight hairstyles including: Pirate, Viking, Rasta and Zeke (pictured above). They are machine washable and won’t shed. Plus, chicks dig the beard. $34.95.

Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Backpacks



If James Bond ever sported a backpack, this would be the one.  The Advanced Projects Edition Arkiv Field Packs are completely customizable bags that allow for attachment of a wide variety of weatherproof accessories.  Simply start with one of three choices of base bags (the R2, R6 or VX/R8) and accessorize it to your heart’s content.  The Arkiv modular system gives your bag the freedom to expand and adapt as needed.  Arkiv accessories range from cell phone pouches and tool pockets to larger organizers and laptop sleeves.  The packs can be used in either “roll-top” mode, or in a traditional “flap-down” configuration.  Now what are you waiting for?  Get out there and explore!  $209 and up + accessories.

Morning Head

Please don’t ask your mom for this product…No, this is not some kind of magic fellatio machine. Morning Head is a cap that gives you that fresh out of the shower look, without the shower. Now I’m not saying you don’t need to shower. Quite the opposite but, if you shower at night or you’re running late in the morning, this will work wonders in a pinch. Just pour water in the cap, put it on and rub your head. In five seconds you’re ready. Each cap lasts thirty uses and you can get two for $10.

Parajumpers Santa Fe Bomber Jacket

Get the climbing packs and rock shoes, Alfred; today we conquer Everest. The Santa Fe Bomber Jacket by P.J.S. is perfect for any of you modern day adventurers out there. The 100% sheep-skin exterior and Asiatic Raccoon fur trim, will keep warm while being the most stylish fella on the mountain. Warning: We do however advise you to avoid PETA rallies while wearing this jacket. $2,230.

i’m Watch Smartwatch

It’s just a matter of time before we start saying “cell phones are soo yesterday”.  The i’m Watch, based on the Andriod operating system, connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and delivers calls, text messages, emails, notifications, music, weather forecasts, pictures and any other app you desire right to your wrist.  Its capacitive touch screen allows swiping gestures just like your smartphone, while the accelerometer and magnetometer offer numerous other ways to interact with the i’m Watch.  $389.

Nixon Rover SS Watch



The new Rover SS watch from Nixon offers a perfect blend of intelligent design and toughness.  Its simple yet brawny design is guaranteed to make you feel pretty badass.  The Rover’s case is made of brushed stainless steel and equipped with a hardened mineral crystal which features a date magnifier.  Rounding out the design is a brushed stainless steel 3-link band, a luminous dial and hands, as well as a rotating coin-edge bezel.  The watch’s innards offer a 3-hand, date Japanese Miyota movement.  The Rover SS is available in three awesome finishes: all black/orange, all gunmetal and black/red.  $250.

CREED Silver Mountain Water Cologne

Looking sharp at a holiday party is important because it will get you noticed from across the room.  But this CREED cologne will also give you the confidence to get close and personal with that cute friend of the family.  The CREED dynasty goes back some 250 years, having served more than 10 royal houses so it should easily also be good enough for you.  The Silver Mountain Water cologne was inspired by sparkling streams of water flowing through the snow-topped alps of Switzerland.  Its scent offers a refreshing infusion of green tea and black currants.  The white bottle is meant to resemble Swiss mountains covered by fresh snow.  $315.

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

The Nike Air Force 1 is a new line of sneakers based on the coveted classic Nike Air Force 1 shoes.  The new series consists of six different sneakers and hopes to define the apex of street, sport, court and culture.  Each new sneaker combines three design principles – lightweight, breathability and comfort, achieved through the integration of Nike’s Hyperfuse construction and Lunarlon cushioning in some cases.  Our favourite?  The Nike Lunar Force 1 (pictured above), which unites the signature Lunarlon sole with an Air-sole heel unit for unrivaled support and reactivity.

Nixon The Don Watch

The Don is a completely refreshed, modernized version of the classic The Don, a watch that started it all for Nixon.  This steel analog watch offer a timeless, contemporary design that is sure to get you some street cred.  It uses a three hand day/date Japanese Miyota movement and offers a 100 meter / 10 ATM stainless steel case with integrated lugs. The band is secured by a hidden stainless steel spring bar and a 3-link, solid stainless steel band that is tapered for style, comfort, and reduced weight.  The Don is available three finishes: Blue Sunray, Black/Orange, and Black.

Canada Goose Lodge Down Jacket

Canada Goose has become one of the most recognizable jacket brands around the world.  If you’d like to strut around in style this winter you might want to take at the new Lodge Down Jacket from Canada Goose.  This stylish new jacket is sharp enough to take out for a night on the town, yet offers the kind of warmth you’d expect from a much larger, heavier jacket.  The company’s jacket recipe comes from three custom blends of down, achieving the ultimate high warmth-to-weight ratio.  $400.

Fortis B-47 Mysterious Planets Limited Edition

If you enjoy gazing up at a starry sky, you might also enjoy this new watch from Swiss maker FORTIS.  The B-47 Mysteriour Planets is a limited edition watch designed by architect and designer Professor Karsten Krebs.  The hour on the watch is shown “mysteriously” inside one of the five circles, designed to represent the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter around the Sun.  The watch is driven by a specially designed mechanism which displays a new look every 12 hours.  Available with a black or blue face, and a choice of four different wrist bands.  About $6,000 US.