Scanadu Scout Medical Tricorder

The Scanadu Scout Medical Tricorder is a device nearly straight out of the pages of Star Trek.  This device is packed with sensors capable of conducting sophisticated physical exams.  Just bring the Tricorder in direct contact with your left temple for 10 seconds and it will analyze your vitals including the temperature, heart rate, oximetry, ECG, respiratory rate, blood pressure, urine analysis and emotional stress level.  The results of this analysis will be recorded and shown to you via a smartphone app.  This Indiegogo project has already achieved nearly 500% of its $100,000 goal and hence is on the verge of becoming a reality.  Estimated delivery date is March 2014.  $199.

Evacuate Tube Transport (ET3)


Do you ever dream of what the future holds for us?  The Evacuate Tube Transport perhaps takes inspiration from the animated Futurama series but presents a completely realistic option for short and long distance travel, in the not so distant future.   This electric powered system uses car-sized passenger capsules that travel through vacuum tubes on frictionless maglev (using magnetic levitation).  Electric motors accelerate the capsules to 370mph for local trips and to a staggering 4,000mph for international travels.  Once they achieve the desired speed, the capsules simply coast through the vacuum tubes and don’t require any additional power.  The system is said to be silent, low cost, safe and faster than jets.  ET3 is still in the testing stages but we certainly hope that it will find some traction with investors.  Can you imagine going for a ride in one of these?

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