Smokey the Bear will thank you for using this fire-less alternative to cooking outdoors. The Barocook line of products allows you to cook through a chemical reaction caused when water comes into contact with their patented Baropacks. The reaction causes the water temperature to rise to 101.5 degrees Celsius while releasing an environmentally and human friendly hydrogen/oxygen steam. You might be waiting a while to fully cook an entire chicken, but the Baropacks will cook most soups, stews and pastas in under an hour. The Baropacks themselves are one per use and the pot requires two packs per use. Packs of ten can be purchased for $13. The Barocook Pot comes with two packs and features pressure release valves. There are a few smaller containers and thermoses starting at $19, but the big pot will come in handy if you need to feed a group on your next adventure. $89.



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