This portable grill would have made it on our Grill Guide, if it were not in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign and unavailable until the end of summer. Surpassing their goal eight times over, with weeks left; BioLite’s wood burning grill was originally conceived as an affordable alternative for cooking over an open fire. In many countries, cooking over an open flame is one’s only option and deaths as a result of cooking related smoke inhalation and burns are greater than that of Aids or Malaria. The highlight feature is BioLite’s thermoelectric generator. The generator uses the fire’s heat to powers a fan that improves combustion, but the generator can also be used to power devices via USB. Fuel is easy enough to get on site as you just need sticks and the BaseCamp Stove is easily transported thanks to its foldable legs and sturdy handle. A gooseneck USB light is also included so you can see how bad you’re burning your steaks, even at night. Pledge $299 at Kickstarter.com



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