With energy prices on a constant incline, it’s always good to find ways to cut back on your usage. For instance, that mini fridge in the garage you keep your beer in is just chugging juice. eCool is an electricity free cooler that uses the Earth to keep your beer cold. There is some labor involved as you will have to dig a four foot hole to install the thing, which also means don’t buy this if you live in an apartment. You may not get the Rocky Mountains appearing on your can, but you’d be surprised how cold the Earth can get. Think of a day at the beach and burying your feet in the sand. The deeper you burrow the cooler the sand feels; now imagine how cold it is four feet down. The device is compatible with regular cans and cycles them down and around via hand crank. The walls are insulated to trap the cold, but not let your beer freeze; so no need to move you stash inside for the winter. Plus, with it being good for the environment gives you free rein to condescend your friends for not being as environmentally conscious (after a couple brews of course). $349.



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