iDevices Smart Kitchen Thermometer and Thermometermini


If anyone asks – you can grill up a perfect steak on your BBQ any time of day.  But the reality is that you, ‘the grill master’, often second guess yourself whether the meat is properly cooked and sometimes completely overcook it.   But what if you could cook your meat to perfection every time?  The iDevices iGrill and iGrillmini connects with your iOS device (an Andriod version will be released in 2014) and lets you monitor your food from up to 150 feet away using the iDevices app.  Just insert the temperature probe into your meat, let the app know what you’re cooking and it’ll let you know when it’s ready.  The iGrill model is equipped with two probes and allows you to monitor two temperatures simultaneously, while the iGrillmini is a single probe, compact model.  Both models feature a magnetic mounting which lets you conveniently mount them to any metal surface around the BBQ or in the kitchen.  $40 (iGrillmini ) and $80 (iGrill).



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