bug book

We bet you never thought a book would be useful for surviving a zombie apocalypse. It isn’t like the works of Dickens would make great projectiles. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or one of those more likely apocalypses; famine will be a serious threat. Knowing how to cook bugs in a way that won’t leave you hurling may be a useful skill in this zombie dog eat dog future. There are no recipes for mock fried chicken made from grasshoppers; in fact a lot of the book covers the history of eating insects, background information and interviews with world figures on the subject. For those too grossed out by the thought of intentionally eating a spider, remember; the FDA allows an “acceptable amount” of insect parts in most canned goods. Might as well embrace it and learn to make a mean cricket kabob. $20 hardcover or $10 for a Kindle copy. amazon.com



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