We weren’t sure what to think when we saw UV’s Sriracha flavored vodka. Sure we’ll put Sriracha on everything to the detriment of our own butt holes and yes that bottle of water on my desk is filled with vodka, but combining the two? Well okay, actually that doesn’t sound half bad, especially considering there may have been an incident once where someone may or may not have drunken straight Sriracha.  So we got the team together to try some of UV’s suggested cocktails which include: the obvious Bloody Mary, Sriracha Chelada (a beer based cocktail), Sriracha Fried Ice-cream, and the chocolate chili martini. We took a lot of notes, but blacked out and lost them; so consider that the Guydster seal of approval. It is a little weak at just 30% alcohol, but we definitely recommend trying a bottle. $12 for a 750ml bottle. Check out UV’s recipes at uvvodka.com



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