Do you have an iPhone charger? Does anyone have an iPhone charger I can borrow? At least twice a week I’m asked this question, whether at work or when entertaining guests. There’s always that one guy who leaves the house with 20% battery assuming his phone would be fine for another twelve hours. Instead of going on a search for an old charger and then untangling it from your power bar, the All-Dock is a USB charging hub that can charge up to six devices simultaneously; depending on their size. You won’t be charging six iPads. The All-Dock hub will charge each device at 2400mA, bringing your battery up to 80% in an hour. The docking station itself can act as a tablet stand, allowing you to work while you charge. It’s compatible with just about everything that has a USB cord, but the catch is you need to already have the charger cord for each individual device. Meaning your friend with the Blackberry is still SOL. Pledge $129 to get the six device charger or get the four device charger for just $89.



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