I’m calling it now. Amazon.com buys Pizza Hut in three to five years and we shove stuffed crust down our gullets faster than ever before. Porn featuring a pizza delivery drone showing up with extra sausage will surely follow. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, recently revealed the company’s Amazon PrimeAir octocopter drones in a 60 Minutes interview. The octocopters are expected to carry items up to five pounds (which is 86% of the items Amazon sells) within a ten mile radius of a distribution centre. The drones likely won’t be around for a few years due to a lack of proper safety rules but hopefully the idea won’t get held back. This quick and easy shopping may finally divert consumers from the dangers of a Wal-Mart Black Friday Massacre; but if a big screen TV is what you desire, you may need to be prepared to get stabbed.  Check out a video of the process on www.youtube.com.



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