Well you can’t exactly call it a bottle opener. The Coravin 1000 features an ultra thin needle that pumps Argon, a harmless gas, into the bottle allowing wine to flow through freely. This gadget preserves the remainder of your high end bottles from oxidization. Once the needle is removed, the cork will reform to its original shape; keeping the bottle sealed for future tastings. You won’t even need to remove the wrapping. Coravin will however, be useless on a plastic cork, twist cap or box of wine. This one may be better suited to the guy with the extensive wine collection or the restaurateur looking to offer higher end bottles by the glass, but I can see it as a worthwhile investment for those who often waste unfinished bottles. The Argon tanks, which contain enough gas to pour fifteen glasses, cost $10.95 a piece and decrease in price the more you get. The Coravin unit itself will run $299. coravin.com



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