Unless you’re a book worm, mouse or LeVar Burton; you probably don’t read nearly as much as you should. It’s understandable; reading is time consuming and most of us would prefer just popping in season one of Game of Thrones to actually sitting down and reading the book. Spritz is a new technology that increases reading speed by rapidly showing the user one word at a time. They say that we spend 80% of our time reading just moving our eyes across the page and only 20% actually processing information. The average person can read about 200-250 wpm, but will be reading at 500 wpm in minutes with full retention. Spritz will be able to increase your reading speed up to 1000 wpm and will either become available in app form or as a built-in function for existing readers. Only displaying one word at a time, you’ll even be able to read on your smart watch; though people might think you’ve forgotten how to tell time. Check out the demo at spritzinc.com



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