Ever loaned a friend your USB key to share some of your legally obtained album or TV show? No doubt you bought a new flash drive shortly after…you gave up hope it would ever be returned (eight weeks later). Made from recycled paper pulp and plastic, Gigs 2 Go is a credit card sized four-pack of tear away USB drives. Available in packs of 1Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb; these drives are an inexpensive way to share large files. For artists and entrepreneurs, Gigs 2 Go could be the new business card. The 4X8Gb and 4X16Gb packs can be custom engraved or feature any graphic you supply and the creators can also preload files for you; a great way to hand out a sales presentation or your music/photography/whatever else portfolio. We should note that if you did hand out packs like business cards you might have to eat your shoes. Starting at $24.95. gigs2gousb.com



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