Ever wanted telekinetic powers like Jean Grey? Well, science happened and now this is an achievable dream. Muse is a brain sensing headband developed by InteraXon that translates your thoughts into actions. The device reads five different bands of brainwaves and sends this information to your tablet, smartphone, etc. and can be used in many ways. Early development showed how the user can manipulate objects in a virtual world (games), but Muse can theoretically be programmed to control any machine o_O. As terrifying as it is to imagine someone hooking Muse up to four of those Festo Bionic Arms and going Dr. Octopus on all of our asses; this is an extremely important step for those with mobility issues, especially quadriplegics. There is also a spiritual benefit for using Muse. Using the Zen program, Muse will help you with concentration while meditating. The best part is InteraXon has also built a mind controlled beer tap. What can we say? They know what we want. $299. choosemuse.com



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