iWinks Aurora Lucid Dreaming Device


Controlling your dreams sounds like a totally wild idea, but it is something that most people experience once in a little while.   Lucid dreaming is any dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming, and are able to exert some degree of control over your participation within the dream.  In the mid 90s, it was scientifically validated that lucid dreaming can be induced using lights during the REM sleeping stage.  The iWinks Aurora is the first device of its kind that capitalizes on this idea and induces lucid dreaming.  The Aurora is a headband equipped with EEG (brainwave) sensors, an accelerometer to measure movement and notification lights.  It works by using the EEG and accelerometer to recognize the REM sleep stage, and then uses lights and sound to notify the dreamer.  The dream sounds are actually played by a smart phone app, which also stores and manages your sleep data.  The Aurora can be used with your smart phone or as a standalone device.  Lucid dreaming is not just a lot of fun, it is also believed to offer a number of therapeutic benefits.  $199.  www.iwinks.org



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