3D printing just got a whole lot easier with the new Digitizer from the team over at Makerbot. Until now there has been a need for some level of skill with CAD software. With the Digitizer, you can simply scan any item you want replicated by placing it on the turn-table. Makerbot has also created an incredibly user friendly software wherein designing your own models is as easy as dragging a scanned top hat over the head of a scanned gnome and the program will do the rest. There are also a number of sculpting tools allowing you to make changes to your pre-existing item. Maybe you want to lengthen the shaft of your screw driver or miniaturize some gears to make the world’s smallest plastic watch you’re working on without having to design them all individually yourself. Point is if you already own a 3D printer, this will be a great addition to your workshop. $1,550. makerbot.com



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