Moto 360 Android Wear Smart Watch


If you’re a regular Guydster reader, you might already be convinced that you’re going to need a smart watch this year.  Most of us are clearly too lazy to reach for the smart phone in our pockets.  Motorola is the latest manufacturer to join the smart watch race with its Moto 360 device.  Like LG’s G Watch, this one will be powered by Google’s new Android Wear OS and offer a clean, traditional design unlike most of the smart watches before it.  So far the specs have not been revealed, only a few details.  Here’s what we know: there are no external ports for charging or data access.  Motorola says that the watch will use an alternate charging method, which we’re guessing will be induction or kinetic (motion) based – and we love the idea!  The Moto 360 was designed with a big focus on comfort and looks, which should make it appealing to a broad number of potential buyers.  Look out for it this summer.  $TBA.  Check out a quick video about it on



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