Tired of playing the same old boring instruments, like guitars and saxophones? You aren’t? Okay well carry on then. For those of you still wondering what the little creature pictured above is, well; that friend is Otamatone. The funniest musical instrument we’ve ever seen. This wonder in musical engineering comes from the land of Japan, also known for their exports of video games, tentacle porn and nuclear waste. Otamatone is played by sliding one hand up and down the shaft, for pitch and squeezing its cheeks to play the notes. This of course, hilariously makes it look like Otamatone is singing. The instrument may look like a joke, but it has a range of three octaves, features all the necessary jacks, and it doesn’t sound too bad either. Check out NelsonTYC’s cover of “Let it go” from Frozen and then promptly order yours for $100 at ThinkGeek.com



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