I know what you’re thinking and no, this won’t be some Google Glass contact lens. While that would be awesome, Google’s new smart contact lens project is actually quite a bit better for those of you suffering from diabetes. I have a couple diabetic family members that have struggled with the condition their whole lives and monitoring your blood sugar is kind of like having to be conscious of your breathing all of the time. The Smart Contacts are intended to measure the glucose in your tears and alert you when there is a spike or drop in your levels. There may be some tiny LEDs involved, but it shouldn’t be obtrusive to the wearer’s vision. This whole thing may be years away, but it is nice when big companies are actually looking to help people instead of becoming some kind of Skynet level corporation. I’m sure the Smart Lenses will cost an arm and a leg once they come out; though so can diabetes. For more info check out



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