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Today, home security is much more than mortise locks and basic burglar alarms. There are now a plethora of hi-tech products available to help you fend off intruders. Here are some innovative security solutions that are likely to prove popular in 2015.

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Covert CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are nothing new in the world of domestic security. However, these products are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Some of the most  interesting and innovative items now on the market are covert CCTV systems. It’s possible to get versions disguised as everything from pens, car keys and lighters to coat pegs and calculators.


Infrared perimeter beams

Infrared (IR) perimeter beams have long been thwarting crooks in the movies, but now they are an increasingly common feature in homes around the world. It’s little wonder that these sophisticated systems are such a hit. They are readily accessible and highly affordable.

IR beams are surprisingly easy to install and use too. The systems consist of transmitters and receivers that are positioned opposite each other. An alarm is triggered when the IR beam is interrupted and the systems can alert you to the presence of intruders before they even reach your home. There’s no need to worry about your neighborhood cats setting the alarms off though. The beams can be positioned at waist height, meaning any animals can simply walk underneath them.

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Smart lights

Lots of people already have timer systems fitted to their lights to give the impression that they’re home even when they’re not. However, these products have now been elevated to a new level. BeON have developed so-called ‘smart’ light bulbs. These innovative items ‘learn’ your daily lighting habits and automatically replicate them when you’re not in. They can also be set to switch on if someone rings your doorbell.

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An electronic house-sitter

Last but by no means least on this list, the Point security solution could prove a hit in 2015. Described as an ‘electronic house-sitter’, this product is only around the size of the palm of your hand, but it is fitted with an array of safety features. It detects the sounds within your home and senses what’s in the air. The small device can alert you if your windows break, your alarms ring or even if smoke is present.

Because it is connected to the web and can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone, it allows you to stay in touch with the ongoings in your house regardless of where you are.

Of course, these are just four of the hi-tech home security systems now on offer. There are many more for you to investigate too.



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