Are you a guy that likes to golf on vacation, but hates having to lug your clunky golf bag through a crowded airport and then having to trust airport employees not to “lose” your s#!t? The DV8 Golf Set is an ingenious solution to all of the transportation issues that arise from those big clunky golf bags. By having just one shaft and interchanging the club heads, DV8 manages to fit a full set of clubs into a bag the size of a backpack. The club heads can be swapped out in three seconds but don’t worry, they won’t be flying off into the water hazard. The bag also has an iPad holder allowing you to watch tutorials on the course, or take a closer look at your own swing. The Kickstarter campaign has several different packages available, but we recommend getting the DV8 Bag with six clubs for $440. Included is a driver, a hybrid 5, 7 iron, 9 iron, sand wedge and putter. Or you can get the “Full Monty Package” that comes with fourteen clubs for $1,070. kickstarter.com



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