At some point we’ve all been there; starting at a new gym because you were raised on GI Joe or the X-Men. You want your reflection to look like Wolverine, except with less hair… or perhaps more. You’ve always heard how crucial squats are, but as the bar digs into your palms and spine, you begin to regret signing up for that membership. Here’s another interesting Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully solve your problem. No. Not your body image issues (those are permanent); the Evo Grips give your hands and shoulders an ergonomically improved grip. By wrapping your fingers around a ball, as oppose to a bar, you put the load in your palm instead of straining your fingers. Evo Grips easily attach to most bars and ropes. The surface has enough ridges to keep your hand from slipping, while still being comfortable to hold. Pledge $25 to try them for yourself. Kickstarter.com



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