FishHunter Smartphone Fishfinder Sonar (Custom)


Do you end up with more empty Bud Light cans at the end of your fishing excursions than fish?  Then maybe it’s time to try a fishfinder.  The FishHunter is a military-grade portable fishfinding sonar that works in unison with your smart phone and offers a super simple setup, allowing it to be used anywhere you can cast a line.  The FishHunter app displays the depth, temperature and location of fish on your smart phone.  It also lets you keep track of your catches and all kinds of info about them, like the type & size of your catch, a picture of your catch, the GPS catch location and the type of bait used.  Then if you wish, you can compare your fish to an extensive fish database or see what other FishHunters caught and where they caught it.  Equipped with the FishHunter you should never come home empty handed, unless you take back too many Bud Lights.  $230.



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