Kitting Out Your Man Cave (Custom)


Your man cave might be the only place in your home that you can truly put your own stamp on. With this in mind, there’s no point in settling for half measures when you’re kitting the space out. Whether your haven of relaxation and fun is a converted garage, attic, basement or simply a lounge, the following accessories will help ensure it looks and feels the part.

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Classic posters and wall art

No man cave is complete without some eye-catching artwork. Forget snaps of family holidays and paintings of flowers. Instead, you can show your style with some classic posters and prints. Images from your favorite movies may be ideal. Perhaps a shot from the 1994 Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction would make the perfect addition to your walls, or maybe an iconic image from The Godfather featuring the Don himself would suit your space better. Snaps of sporting stars can also make a great addition. Your most treasured vinyl records complete with engraved plaques can look stunning on your walls too. Whichever items you choose to showcase, it’s important to select good-quality frames for each of them. Display Developments offers an array of traditional and contemporary poster frames and may have exactly what you’re after.

You can take your pick from a range of frames in materials such as teak and aluminium. As well as helping to protect your artwork, attractive frames will ensure the items stand out on your wall.


L_Cool Chair (Custom)

Comfy seating is a must in your relaxation room and when it comes to luxurious lounging options, it’s hard to beat recliners. You can choose between armchair and sofa versions. When it comes to selecting materials, it’s worth considering leather. You don’t have to worry too much about beer or takeaway stains if your seating is upholstered in this robust material. For the ultimate in convenience, select products that have built-in drinks holders.

Big TV

pSNYNA-XBR65X950B_main_enh (Custom)

Your TV will probably be the focal point of your man cave, so don’t skimp on this piece of kit. A big, high-quality television will give you the authentic home cinema experience. Of course, it’s not wise to bust your budget in pursuit of the perfect viewing experience. However, it is worth shelling out a decent sum on your TV. So that you feel like a true king in your cave, you might want to look out for hi-tech versions that have motion sensor and voice activated controls.

Having a top-notch telly will make your pad the place to go to watch movies, football games and more. Your pals will be queuing up to get a space on your sofa.

Beer fridge

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_MARSHALL_FRIDGE_1920x960 (Custom)

By the time you’ve sunk into your super-comfy recliner and stuck the TV on, the last thing you’ll want to do is get up to find a cool beverage. This is why a beer fridge is another top purchase for a man cave. These handy items come in all shapes and sizes, so you shouldn’t struggle to find one that’s the perfect match for your den. Ideally, you should position this object within reaching distance of your chair.

If you have the space and the money, why not go one step further and create a bar complete with optics and stools? As well as proving handy when your friends come over, this would be a great design feature. It would give the space a real wow factor and ensure it’s the envy of your pals.

By putting these essentials in place in your man cave, you can rest assured you’ll create the perfect room in which to relax and entertain.



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