Ever since we saw those Dragonball Z fighters toss aside their weighted training clothes and leaped into some high octane anime fight scenes, we knew we wanted to shoot energy blasts. But weighted clothing is a more practical endeavor and no one makes weighted clothing like Titin. Weight placement is of utmost importance and most weighted vests end up putting all of their downward force on the wearer’s shoulders. Titin uses hydro-gel inserts, with a similar density to muscle, to evenly distribute weights in a way that they mold to the natural muscle structure. This keeps the workout intense without destroying your joints. The inserts can be heated up or cooled and will hold that temperature for about half an hour. In terms of weight, you are only adding five pounds (thirteen if you also have the shirt), but it will add noticeable gains to your hops and speed. Get the shorts at a reduced price by pledging $99 at



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