Jalousier turns your blinds smart


The future has the word ‘lazy’ written all over it but that’s a part of the reason why we love it so much.  The Jalousier will prevent you from ever having to get off the couch and adjust your blinds because you’ll be able to do so with your smart phone or tablet.  But that’s just the beginning because it’s way smarter than that.  The device clips on to any existing venetian blinds and can be setup to automatically adjust the position of the slats according to the weather, room temperature and lighting conditions.  It offers both wifi and ZigBee wireless connectivity so it can be integrated into a home automation system.  It can do some other awesome things like sync with the alarm clock on your phone to open the blinds in your bedroom in the morning, and text you when a brilliant moon comes up or when it notices the first snowfall of the year.  We dig it!  Pledge $89 (limited time offer).  www.indiegogo.com



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