Unless you are the type of person that can really commit or an extreme narcissist, gym memberships are pretty much a scam. You get locked into a yearly membership that you don’t take advantage of; as you watch your hard earned dollars go down the drain. Mega Bar is another entry in the home gym and while we don’t know yet how it will stack up against the larger Total Gym or Bowflex, we like its size and versatility. Weighing in at just twelve pounds, the Mega Bar appears to be a simple door frame, pull-up bar with multiple grip positions; but it can also be adjusted to be a barbell, push-up stand, and many other useful workout tools. It fits most standard doorways, is compatible with all types of weight plates and can be used with rubber hoses or straps. There is no price point yet, but you can follow a link to Gym Supreme’s website to check out their promo video and sign up for an alert when the Kickstarter campaign/early-bird prices begin. gymsupreme.com



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