If you’ve ever chosen to part your hair on one side because it looked good in the mirror, only to discover you look weird in pictures; you might want to try a True Mirror. Our reflections give us a skewed self image and the manufacturers of the True Mirror say it can keep us from understanding ourselves. People have facial cues (ex. looking up to the left for visually constructed images and looking up to the right for visually remembered images) and mirrors give us a flipped perspective of our own cues. True Mirrors are pretty straight forward; two mirrors connected perfectly at a ninety degree angle allow you to see yourself as others do. There is even a 3D effect that will give a better sense of depth when seeing how clothes fit. The price may seem pretty steep for anyone who can competently use a protractor and that viewpoint is totally justified. So, head to the hardware store or get a full sized True Mirror for $1495.



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