Canada Goose Lodge Down Jacket

Canada Goose has become one of the most recognizable jacket brands around the world.  If you’d like to strut around in style this winter you might want to take at the new Lodge Down Jacket from Canada Goose.  This stylish new jacket is sharp enough to take out for a night on the town, yet offers the kind of warmth you’d expect from a much larger, heavier jacket.  The company’s jacket recipe comes from three custom blends of down, achieving the ultimate high warmth-to-weight ratio.  $400.

Fortis B-47 Mysterious Planets Limited Edition

If you enjoy gazing up at a starry sky, you might also enjoy this new watch from Swiss maker FORTIS.  The B-47 Mysteriour Planets is a limited edition watch designed by architect and designer Professor Karsten Krebs.  The hour on the watch is shown “mysteriously” inside one of the five circles, designed to represent the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter around the Sun.  The watch is driven by a specially designed mechanism which displays a new look every 12 hours.  Available with a black or blue face, and a choice of four different wrist bands.  About $6,000 US.

PopSlate case adds second screen to iPhone 5

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen but the popSLATE case designed for the iPhone 5 attempts to change all that.  This case features an E-Ink screen that’s completely customizable, always on, very readable even in direct sunlight and consumes very little power.  This second screen can be used to display your photos, favourite images, receive photos from friends and integrate with photo sharing platforms like Instagram.  The startup company behind this project is currently raising funds on indiegogo and has already reached $125,000 of its $150,000 goal.

Galpin Auto Sports GTR-1 Supercar


Galpin Auto Sports announced at the LA Auto Show plans to build its own supercar called the GTR-1. This gorgeous new low-slung coupe will be based on the Ford GT which was built between 2005 and 2006. The GTR-1 will be built with either an aluminum or carbon fiber body and will offer more than 1000 horsepower. Various suspension and drivetrain upgrades will be done to the Fort GT platform to be able to handle the extra horsepower. Interiors will be customized to customer desires.

2014 Acura RLX Now Available with Krell Audio System


The 2014 Acura RLX will be the first automobile to offer a premium Krell Industries audio system.  The Krell audio system is said to offer the same high-end performance in the luxurious interior of the 2014 Acura RLX that home audio enthusiasts have been enjoying for many years.    The system’s most important main amplifier channels feature the same robust, high quality bipolar power transistors used in flagship Krell home amplifiers. The result is an amplifier that has 1/3 less distortion than a leading competitor’s flagship luxury car amplifier and power and headroom to meet the obstacles that the road will throw in its way.   The system’s tweeters are composed of lightweight magnesium cones that create extraordinary musical detail and extended high frequencies without any trace of harshness.   Even more impressive are the system’s six mid bass drivers that are made from Zylon – the world’s strongest super fiber. Rounding out the speaker complement is a potent carbon fiber composite subwoofer. The dedicated 100 Watt subwoofer amplifier insures that low frequency music is reproduced cleanly and with substantial impact.

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Milwaukee Unveils M4 Line, Launches M4 Screwdriver

Milwaukee Tool has just introduced the new M4 2-Speed Screwdriver, the first tool in its brand new M4 line of compact cordless products.  The M4 line of power tools is powered by the company’s 4V REDLITHIUM 2.0 battery technology which increases the tool’s power and run-time, while shrinking its size.  The M4 Screwdriver is said to be able to drill more than 200 holes per charge.  Featuring 44 in-lbs of peak torque and a 21-position clutch with auto shut-off, the new screwdriver offers improved torque control during repetitive applications. Two speeds, 200 and 600 RPM, offer further user control for precision work.  At only 244 millimeters in length and under one pound, the M4 Screwdriver is easy to use with one hand, featuring ¼” quick-change chuck for one-handed bit changes.

Nintendo Introduces Wii Mini (In Canada)


Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching the Nintendo Wii Mini gaming system, at least in the Great White North for now.  This Canadian exclusive will retail for a very reasonable $100 and will be a great alternative for those who don’t want to fork out the $300-$350 for the new Wii U system.  In order to fit in its new compact casing, the Wii Mini cuts out GameCube game compatibility and internet access – not a big deal to those who just want to play some Wii games.  Coming out on December

WEARCOM Touchscreen Gloves


This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone that uses a capacitive touch smartphone or tablet… which is just about everyone.  These gloves will keep users connected with their mobile devices while keeping warm this winter. The conductive fingertips will allow them to swipe and pinch at a touchscreen with pinpoint accuracy.  Available in black, camel, charcoal and gray.

Nixon Hudson St. Collection


The Hudson Street Collection by Nixon is an intersection of the past and the future, paying tribute to quality craftsmanship and taking advantage of the latest materials and technology.  The new collection features eight new watches and is highlighted by gunmetal plated stainless steel and champagne gold plated details.


Eterniti Artemis ‘Super SUV’ Specs Revealed


A new competitor has just entered the unlikely “super SUV” market.  London-based Eterniti is a company backed by a number of Asian investors and expects 90 percent of its sales will be in China.  The Eterniti Artemis is priced at £210,000 and should appeal to those considering the Bentley EXP 9F, Lamborghini Urus and Maserati Kubang SUVs.  The company says that the Artemis is based on the Porsche Cayenne and offers supercar performance and limousine comfort.

Ownership of Revived Alpine Brand to be Split 50/50 Between Renault-Nissan and Caterham


We’ve had our questions about the wisdom of many decisions by Renault-Nissan leader Carlos Ghosn. But we wholeheartedly embrace resurrecting Alpine—a sub-brand founded in 1955 by race driver Jean Rédélé, that specialized in sports and race cars. The last Alpine rolled off the assembly line in 1994. Now the brand is close to a comeback, but it won’t be a wholly French-owned company anymore. In fact, the British sports- and kit-car maker Caterham, known for its low-tech but powerful derivatives of the Lotus Seven—a 1950s design—will takeover 50 percent of Alpine. The new company will be called Société des Automobiles Alpine Caterham, and the cars will be built at Alpine’s traditional headquarters in Dieppe, France.

Renault explains that Caterham brings expertise in materials and production, as well as “enhancing powertrains.” What we’ll see is new models—”large and small” volume, as Renault promises—spun off jointly developed platforms. The first new cars will be launched in three to four years. Inspiration will come from the Alpine A110-50 concept car; the British will pick up where it left off with the slow-selling Caterham 21.

Allure Eyewear: Call of Duty Black Ops II Glasses


Allure Eyewear, is introducing officially licensed Call of Duty: Black Ops II branded gaming glasses, 3D gaming glasses and sunwear.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II Gaming Eyewear incorporates high contrast curved lenses to enhance the graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Designed for extended comfort, the curved lenses cut down distracting peripheral light, helping to improve focus and attention to game detail, while the anti-glare coating reduces reflections and improves screen view.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II 3D Gaming Eyewear, is compatible with those playing in 3D on passive 3D TVs, laptops and monitors. The curved lenses in Allure’s new 3D gaming glasses are designed to improve visual clarity, reduce ghosting and deliver a more vibrant 3D image. The frame designs contain flat temple arms to provide a professional fit and long term comfort.

Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves


Keep your hands warm this winter by wrapping them in Chaval Response-XRT Heated Gloves ($390). These waterproof, windproof gloves feature alphaHEAT tech that automatically adjusts heat levels to keep your hands warm — but not roasting — and uses flat, flexible, conductive traces instead of wires to keep yourself comfortable. Other features include an integrated charging cable for the lithium-polymer battery, an elastic wrist for a secure fit, and 4-6 hours of heating time per charge.

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