The 2014 Acura RLX will be the first automobile to offer a premium Krell Industries audio system.  The Krell audio system is said to offer the same high-end performance in the luxurious interior of the 2014 Acura RLX that home audio enthusiasts have been enjoying for many years.    The system’s most important main amplifier channels feature the same robust, high quality bipolar power transistors used in flagship Krell home amplifiers. The result is an amplifier that has 1/3 less distortion than a leading competitor’s flagship luxury car amplifier and power and headroom to meet the obstacles that the road will throw in its way.   The system’s tweeters are composed of lightweight magnesium cones that create extraordinary musical detail and extended high frequencies without any trace of harshness.   Even more impressive are the system’s six mid bass drivers that are made from Zylon – the world’s strongest super fiber. Rounding out the speaker complement is a potent carbon fiber composite subwoofer. The dedicated 100 Watt subwoofer amplifier insures that low frequency music is reproduced cleanly and with substantial impact.

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