When we first saw the Aero-X, we actually thought it was a hoax. Then we saw the test footage and, while the hovercraft shown did not come close to the claimed ten feet of lift; it was enough to inspire a synchronized, “hover-bikes are real” dance in the office. It got weird. The Aero-X will seat two, with a weight capacity of 310lbs and control much like a motorcycle. It will travel at speeds up to forty-five miles per hour while hovering up to ten feet high. Fueled by automotive gasoline, this vehicle isn’t totally futuristic; but hopefully a solar power won’t seem so impossible once we’re flying a whole pork roast home for a barbecue. You can reserve your hover-bike for $5,000 with a projected shipment of 2017. Pre-orders are fully refundable and the final price will likely be over $85,000. While we have you, why don’t you click some ads so we can start saving up for hover-bikes too. aerofex.com



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