Aston martin N430 white


You’ll definitely feel like you’re Speed Racer if you ever get the privilege to take a ride in the N430 from Aston Martin. There aren’t any oil slicks or ejector seats but this beast comes with a lot of choices to customize your ride. You get a choice of a standard six speed transmission for purists or the seven speed ‘Sportshift II’ automated transmission for those that want a true motorsport experience. Like most sports cars, the N430 can go from zero to sixty in under five seconds and reach a top speed of 190mph. But it’s the sleek style and beautifully accented paint job that will be turning heads when you zoom by. Available in both coupe and roadster models, there are five colors to choose from: grey with yellow accents, blue with red, white with red, all black and all grey. $150,000.



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